Hanuman Installation

We are all getting very excited about the upcoming Hanuman Installation, May 29 – June 2.

Everything indicates that it will even be a much larger event than the Temple Inauguration. The energy and evolutionary power will be enormous. People are flying in from India to witness it as well as those from all over the US.

You do not want to miss it!  I hope to see you there!



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  1. Jai Hanuman!

    This event is going to be awesome! When I think of all the Pandits chanting together during the Kumbabhishekam it sends a shiver down my spine. So eternally beautiful… I have been looking forward to hearing and transcending on that chanting ever since.

    Jai Hanuman! Jai Guru Dev!

  2. The temple consecration was a remarkably powerful event that is what influenced me to join the ashram. I have no doubt, that this inauguration will be equally, if not more powerful. It will a life changing event for those who attend, one that they will remember for life times to come. If you miss this event, you will regret it.

  3. I am so very excited about my return to Mount Soma! I have a bit more clarity in regards to the workings of Mount Soma during an event like this..definitely more than I did during the temple consecration. I am still going to take your advice again Brahmarshi and feel my way through it as oppose to figuring out all of the details.
    Thank you for this and so many other opportunities for me to progress my soul!

  4. All these comments are great. I love Dave’s phrase…”so eternally beautiful”. It says it quite well yet quite concisely.

  5. Hanuman’s presence has been growing here at Mount Soma. It was a year and a half ago during the Mother Divine retreat that his arrival was publicly announced. Many people stepped forward in that moment to donate towards the installation of this great deity. I remember tears streaming down my face, moved by how everyone responded to the power and importance in his coming, and didn’t hesitate to contribute. It was like jumping into an ocean wave to ride it, and the more people that jumped in, the more majestic the wave became!

    Last spring we started learning the Hanuman Chalisa, singing it night after night in the temple. Even now, verses pop into my head, and when I chant the Rama mantra, it is as if I feel Hanuman, capable and dedicated, striding over the earth towards his new home at Mount Soma. It is like the power of sunlight streaming steadily through and warming everything after a dark windy storm.

    It will be a delight, an honor… and a power surge to have Hanuman here at Mount Soma! I’m quite lucky to witness this day. Five days.
    Jai Hanuman! Jai Guru Dev.

  6. Exciting! Lauryn and I realized we were in love while doing dishes together during Sri Somesvara’s Kumbabhishakam. We are now married and so happy together and with our beloved daughter, Swarupa. So many blessings, so fortunate, so humbling to live this beautiful life! Forward, always forward. Jai Guru Dev!

  7. Today the flower shop personal needed to uncover Hanuman to measure him for his garlands. The energy coming from that crate which is serving as his bed was definitely palpable. I gazed upon him laying in repose and saw him smiling. He is so powerful just laying there, I can (and can’t) imagine how it’s going to feel when he is standing in his full glory. Ooo. when I wrote that last line I felt myself expanding. Mmm

    The installation of Hanuman is going to be a fantastic event. I do hope that everyone who is connected to the school and Mount Soma plan to attend. Jai Jai Jai Hanuman!!!!!

  8. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to attend such an event. I think it will mark a major transition point for Mount Soma and manifesting Brahmarshi’s vision of raising the consciousness of humanity and bringing peace to the world.
    Jai Hanuman!

  9. Interested in a deeper and more grounded understanding of Vedic technology and seeing it first hand.

  10. I fell in love during kitchen duty myself. Still not exactly sure what I actually fell into…, but also love the mystery…, and magic and especially the wonder of it all.

  11. Can’t wait to finally get to Mount Soma and get grounded. Got to be real !

  12. We are very fortunate to be living here at Mount Soma. I don’t know if there is a day, that I haven’t noticed or felt the grandeur of our community, this feeling is the reason why I usually have a smile on my face. I am looking forward for installation of Hanuman. With Brahmarshi’s steadfast hand on the rudder, and Hanuman’s presence, may the entire world feel the peace and joy that is in my heart.

  13. I know very little about all this, but it feels deep and seems to alter my perception.

  14. It is fascinating to think about Hanuman and all of the other incredibly powerful and distinctly unique Mount Soma events that I have been fortunate enough to attend. They all have had their own place and significance, and I am sure Hanuman will be no different.

    These events have all been beautiful, but the Temple Consecration and the Pandit chanting had a uniquely eternal feeling. Like we were beginning to remember something beyond the horizon of our awareness. The Deep Dive felt so normal, coherent, and sweet, like life is “supposed to feel.” Ahhh the silent depth of Ocean… During the Bliss course it was awe inspiring to watch everyone band together and make it happen. It was intense and awesome, a true service to humanity…

    And now we prepare to write the next chapter in the Mount Soma Story. Another turning point… Another point after which nothing will be the same. I can’t wait. I say, “Bring it on!” I do believe that Hanuman will mark the biggest turning point towards Brahmarshi’s teachings being brought out to the world in their fullness. Hanuman will bring the masses, and if we thought last summer was busy, we ain’t seen nothing yet…

  15. Pandit Gi and Lakshmi say that Sri Hanuman is drawn here by the power of our Surya Ram Meditation. As a student of Surya, and the epitome of devotion to Lord Rama, Hanuman senses our deep dedication to these divine aspects (however we think of them) and is drawn to be here with us.

    “Jai Hanuman!” We all say… and the victory of Hanuman amplifies the victory of Mount Soma. It is exciting to feel the momentum building, and imagine what we will see when we crest the top of this mountainous undertaking… what Mount Soma is bringing to the world.

    Jai Hanuman! Jai Guru Dev!

  16. I will never forget the day I first arrived at Mount Soma and stepped into Sri Somesvara temple. The energy then was so powerful; it is amazing to feel it ramping up. The Hanuman installation will surely be incredible. Bringing forth this vision is a monumental task, and I feel very fortunate to be able to witness its unfolding. Thank you, Brahmarshi, for all that you are doing.

  17. I am looking forward to showing up a bit early to help set up for the events!

  18. We briefly uncovered Hanuman yesterday to measure him for garlands…I was caught off guard by the overwhelming feeling of sweetness and love that immediately filled my heart when I looked at him. I had to pause and just take it in. If we can feel his power now, I can only imagine what the Hanuman Installation will be like!

    As we begin to plan for the big event- excitement is growing, we stand shoulder to shoulder, pushing forward to make it all happen. As individuals step up to help out we feel the strength and coherence of Mount Soma grow…each person a sweet blessing.

    Vedic technology fascinates me- it seems so incredible, kinda ‘other worldly’ and at the same time it makes sense. I witness its power, support and sweetness on a daily basis here at Mount Soma- it now feels normal- how it things should be. The Hanuman Installation is an opportunity to witness this ancient Vedic technology in action- so clear your calendars! Pack your bags! and get here! 🙂

  19. I was also helping yesterday as we opened Hanuman and the experience of being near him was more then I was expecting. He felt so gentle and sweet, as though he has a huge heart, and it just felt safe and comforting to be near him. At the same time he is also very strong, solid, and steadfast, like a warrior. It is such a beautiful combination. You can feel how he would protect while also clearing a path. I kept just wanting to touch his hand.. really looking forward to having him up here at Mount Soma.

  20. I’m pretty excited to have him standing watch in my backyard. Power-FULL.

  21. I like walking by Hanuman’s crate before meditation and after. Sometimes I pat his crate, foolishly thinking I am reassuring him like a mother that he can leave his bed soon and go out and play. I try to readjust his tarp, so he feels protected, but that is a silly thought and action since….he is Hanuman! I feel his reassuring presence. I think he hears the Chalisa at night during evening meeting, I really do, and it makes him happy. I am looking forward to his installation. I can’t wait for all the pundits and chanting.

    For people who cannot attend, there are so many ways to help via donations. You can only imagine the extensive needs for five days of ceremony : from flowers, to food, to landscaping, to flying in and housing five pundits, to tents, to havans,and pujas and porta potties (had to get those in there!) and on and on.

    Jai Hanuman, Jai Shiva Shankara and Jai Guru Dev.