sketchOn Sunday, June 2nd, we will be installing a huge granite Hanuman statue a couple hundred feet west of the Sri Somesvara Temple at Mount Soma.  To do so involves major multi-day ceremonies with Vedic pandits from all around, culminating in the installation on June 2nd.  In its power and beauty, it will be similar to the inauguration of the temple, which many of you attended.  I am looking forward to seeing Hanuman up on that hill along Surya Lane.  The sheer presence of such a murthi elicits profound enlivenment of the Transcendental depth of my soul.  To see Him there every day is something I look forward to with great anticipation.  I remember when we placed the Nandi statue across from the temple.  From a long distance away, you could feel the dynamic they together set up.  With the addition of Hanuman, that feeling will be enhanced many-fold.

To live here at Mount Soma, in the aura of the Unified Field generator we are constructing, is to live in the highest Heaven on Earth.  The instruction manual for such a generator is there in the Vedic texts. You may then wonder why such a place is not already in existence.  The answer is simple… it is Kali Yuga.  In Kali Yuga, that type of question is answered by saying it just must not be true, but that characteristic mentality of Kali Yuga is the very reason it hasn’t been built. But with the transition to Sat Yuga, this place is happening.  I would strongly encourage you to not miss the opportunity of this inauguration which will, in time, be recorded as a great event in history.

Construction of my new home at Mount Soma will be completed soon.  Our current home at Mount Soma is now up for sale.  If you are interested, contact Hayley or Naomi at the Student Union (828-627-6200).

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Hanuman installation.

Jai Hanuman!

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  1. I can’t wait to see Hanuman up on the hill. Magnificent… Thank you Brahmarshi!

    Jai Guru Dev!

  2. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Rama

  3. Jai Guru Dev.

  4. I was asked if someone was to attend one event at Mount Soma this year, if this should be it. The answer is a hearty YES!