Harmony Generator

lightbulbIt was over 30 years ago that I first learned about the concept of a global “harmony generator.”

Before Thomas Edison, no one imagined that a little bulb could light up an entire room.  A harmony generator is similar (though functioning on a much deeper level than a light bulb) in that  it radiates peace and harmony to the world.

Also similar to the light bulb, people have a hard time believing it is possible until after it is built.  To me, the logic is there.  It is self-evident.  We can build it.  The technology is there in the Shastras already.  It is the plans for an enlightened city. Just as there are design plans for a cell phone, there are design plans for an enlightened city that will radiate a profoundly powerful influence to the entire world. It is not enough to build a few temples, some housing, and an assembly hall. Everything must be designed and located precisely. Similarly, a cell phone, is more than a handful of arbitrarily placed electrical components. The science is exact and detailed.

Sounds like a miracle.  Well, yes, but so did a camera, antibiotics, a computer, an automobile, an airplane, etc. until someone stepped forward and built one.  The good news is that construction is well over half done.  If we could raise $15 million, we could have it completed in less than two years.

I know.  I know.  It is too incredible to believe.  Well, again, so was the light bulb until someone made it.

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  1. Indeed its sounds to incredible to believe, But arent there alot of temples in India, or is it something difrent and what if your done with it will evrybody become happy or enlightend or what?

  2. When I first heard about this, the belief section of my brain was too intimidated to more than peek out of its shell. Now that I am living here at Mount Soma… I can feel the land humming, waiting to unfold into full glorious blossom! And I hum with it. 🙂

  3. For now my support comes from the west coast with my sights and imagination facing East. At this point there is no stopping however I knew that my first lecture. What a blessing it is to be aware of Mount Soma and to feel its effects on so many levels.
    Thank you Brahmarshi for your creation

  4. Thank you Brahmarsi for all your dedication. It is a real gift to read your inspirtional and insightful blogs, especailly when I can’t make it to class these days.

    Jai Guru Dev!

  5. Ken,
    It is very good to hear from you.

  6. eri,
    A temple is a very powerful thing, but only a portion of an enlightened city. Even the placement of each of the five required temples within the city must be done correctly. It is a very exact science. There can be cities with many temples, but that is not the same. In an enlightened city, everything is synergistically constructed as a unified whole… the whole being more than the sum of its parts.

    A pile of electronic components is not the same as those identical components put together exactly right to build a television set. A lone temple would be like one of many great electronic components. It is worthy to note that in ancient times a king would add an additional building or shrine to a temple, but unfortunately not design or place it properly, only to lessen the power of the temple. It is a very precise science.

    There is also great art involved not just in the construction but also in the day to day operation. just as there is a science and art not only in building a violin but also in playing it.

  7. Ok i understand a little well i hope you get the money soon , mabey a crazy thing to say, but way not invite oprah or dr phill to your temple let here stay there and if she experience something, you will get the money quicker:) they got a big audience im just saying, but its really a great thing what you doing, dr naram( a great ayurvedic doctor) said you will change a lot in the world he brought me to your site, i think hes right.:)

  8. The blogs are most definitely a gift that keeps on giving! Thank you for your comments on our comments Brahmarshi.This one in particular is so clear and so simply stated.The violin analogy is universal..at least I would like to imagine it is. Very beautiful
    Thank You

  9. I believe. Thank you. Jai Guru Dev.

  10. What a joy to read this one. I needed it tonight. Thanks so much Maharshi! And to Eri too.