How Old is the Veda?

This is a surprisingly often misunderstood point. Even scholars assign dates to different aspects of the Veda. To ask how old the Veda is would be the same as asking how old nature is. The Veda is nature. It is eternal. The dates given to different aspects of the Veda are only historical records of when it was first recognized. I say recognized instead of cognized because the Veda was cognized far earlier than recorded history recognized it. The Veda is not a book or chant someone made up. The Veda is nature.

How Old is the Veda?

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  1. This is so insightful. The world measures by years and historical artifacts. The Veda is Nature, beyond our usual measurements and mental structures. Thank you.

  2. It made perfect sense!
    I wonder why the Veda was cognized? Was there a need at that time? Or the rishis knew there will be a need in the future, such as now?

  3. Rayshan,
    In a way, that might be like asking why trees grow or flowers bloom. It is a natural blossoming from within. At the same time, both of the other perspectives you suggest could be considered equally valid. There are multiple simultaneously valid yet apparently contradictory realities to all of life.

  4. Neat to think of it this way.

  5. One of the boundless wonders of the phenomenal world, this thing called time.

    It seems to me the quality of my relationship with time in the moment, has a direct correlate to the level of stress I am feeling.

    My perceived/projected limit of time is my biggest motivator and also biggest stressor.

    And at the depth, time doesn’t exist. It is a cosmic joke.

    As Michael Mamas says, look deeper, live better, evertything is fine at the depth. Live life from that place. Wonderful – fascinating!

  6. Thank you for these words!

  7. So comforting and grounding, nature, the Veda. Boundless and eternal. Beautiful.

  8. I like the phrase: “It is a natural blossoming from within.” Thank you! You make everything easier to understand.

  9. I like this short exposition on the origin of the Veda. Worth Thinking about. Thank you.

  10. The other misunderstanding I hear about Veda often is that it is just somehow Indian or part of India’s culture, as opposed to underlying all nature and all cultures.