I Adore Agni

sunThe first phrase of Rig Veda is translated as “I adore Agni”.

Agni is fire.  The Sun is fire.

Everything revolves around the Sun.

Everything adores the Sun.  Everything adores Agni.

Surya, the Sun, is the center of all that is.









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  1. I did a very bad job describing the sun the other day and have been trying to read up on it. So this is a better start.

  2. Sometimes when I meditate, I can feel the Sun inside me. When I do, its nourishment always makes me smile.

  3. Lovely, thank you

  4. …concise…pure…beautiful…

  5. Thank you. This gives me a much more tangible understanding of that first phrase of the Rig Veda

  6. The last line of this blog continues to echo in mind: “Surya, the Sun, is the center of all that is.” It seems like the more I can feel that, the better off I am.

  7. Beautiful

  8. Nice!
    Two little dots just connected inside me. 🙂
    Thank you.

  9. This brings to mind winged bugs dancing around lights and an image of plants reaching towards the sunlight. It’s an amazing world.

  10. This helps explain the sun being a convergent point. Thanks

  11. Not a coincidence that there is fire used at the havans. I have a feeling I will ponder this blog for a long time…The words are touching a very deep and subtle place. If I’m not careful even the writing takes me out of it and back into the head.

  12. Great Insight. Thank you for connecting Agni and Surya so clearly.

  13. He’s hot! If you doubt, sit in the SE corner of the meditation hall. I miss Fern sitting there.