“It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.”
– Will Rogers

Identity with one reality ‘ain’t so.’  Yet it is the state of humanity that people strive to find the one reality that answers all questions and responds appropriately to all situations.

Life is a-maze-ing.  Existence is a reality continuum – mandalas of realities, interconnected, yet unifying polar opposites.  Anything you know ‘ain’t  so.’

The dance of Lord Shiva that manifested this universe is far more illusive than unidimensional thinking can even begin to fathom.  Yet humanity continues to seek the unidimensional reality that will answer all questions.

It just ‘ain’t so’.

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  1. Perfect timing. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, ain’t it

  3. Reminds me when I realized and experienced that logic is culturally bound. I can see Lord Shiva standing in one spot, on one reality, deftly jumping onto of another when we grab the first, as if to say, you ain’t got hold of it yet! Ha, ha, ha!

  4. As you say, “It’s all Maya, a mirage. Everything cancels out. The universe is one big dazzling illusion. All the
    perspectives are equally right and none of them are right. To become wiser, we don’t need to get better at what we know as much as we need to stop holding on so tightly to what we think we know. When we hold on to any one reality we ignore the many other possible realities. in doing so, we limit ourselves.”

    Thank you. It is indeed beautiful, ain’t it.

  5. A magical crow plagued the villagers crops, only to disappear into thin air when the villagers approached. Finally, they were given a Divine arrow that followed the crow through the reality continuum from one world to the next until he was struck down.

    To be complete, healing must be transgradient… traversing the reality continuum. Wisdom is aligning with the reality that best serves the moment.

  6. This story saddens me so very much, Brahmarshi. Now that the crow left, I cannot even think of sending an arrow to him if I knew the continuum to do so. There is a very old b/w Indian stylized movie of Mother Divine and the demon that fought her. I always had intimate understanding why she decapitated him with her flying disc. I now have a deep sorrowed understanding why she gave him back his head and made him whole again. There is little peace when I “intellectually” understand maya. There is only surrender to the fact that there are forces at work beyond my understanding or control, and we all wind up where we need to be. Personal responsibility also presents itself at this time. These are not easy lessons, but necessary ones.

  7. I was just pondering this very topic and came across the following quote:
    “There are more things in heaven and earth Horacio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” by Shakespeare

    Our philosophy is what we believe, what we think we are suppose to believe, what we believe because we are afraid to believe something that may not be approved of by family, friends, our religion or even ourselves.

    We’ve all had those inklings. Those uneasy feelings in our guts that questions if our beliefs and convictions are all there is, that maybe there is something outside of the box we keep ourselves thinking and functioning within. We’ve had the feeling that the things we are clinging to may not only be distorted in some way, but could even be bad for us.

    Conditioning and identity…
    What we know (what we are sure we’re right about, what we “know better” about than those around us, what we have unbending convictions about.

    That ain’t so (what we are so sure we’re right about but we’re not, what we “know better” about than those around us…but we really don’t, what we have unbending convictions about…that need flexibility. Blinded by our beliefs.

    That’s so rich.

  8. When God strike down a demon, only the distortions are destroyed. Through that, enlightenment is gained.

  9. thank you. That was incredible, Brahmarshi, because I was able to question…the distortions of the “demon” or the distorions in ourselves perceiving that “demon” Jai Guru Dev.

  10. Thank you Brahmarshi, for your comment on God striking down a demon. It went in deeply on many levels, creating a shift for me. Beautiful, powerful. The ultimate in God’s mercy. Sitting in the awareness shift.

  11. Brahmarshi, are Demons like humans, inherently Divine? You said a Demons distortions are removed when struck down, is this also true for humans, ie someone like Daumer.

  12. All beings, all things in fact, are in their essence Divine. That which does not appear to be Divine is only Divinity in a confused state… i.e. lack of awareness of ones own true nature.

  13. Brahmarshi, thank you.

    Jai Shiva Sankara