Tomorrow, March 16, at 4:30 PM, we will be immersing the deities in water in an auspicious ceremony called “Jalathivasam”.


The deities have been in rice for a few months to pull the heat out of the stones.


Now, after they have been oiled and cleaned, the water immersion will provide cooling.


Everyone will have a chance to participate in this one-time only event.


The ceremony will close with the presentation of Dakshina, during which photographs and individual gestures of thanks are encouraged.


Please give your Dakshina to Marcia to be included in the ceremony.

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  1. Please explain Dakshina, and how to present to Marcia to be included in this auspicious event.

  2. I too would like to know..I have an abundance of appreciation and things to be thankful for.I guess standing on the highest peek of Mt.Soma with a bull horn might not be appropriate at this time:)

  3. I three do not know what presenting a Dakshina for Marcia means. I wholeheartedly offer an ehteric one from afar. Wish I were there. So hard to be apart.

  4. I will ask Marcia to respond to this ASAP

  5. Dakshina has been defined along the lines of an “offering to our spiritual path from our wealth or earnings”. We present dakshina to the sthapati and shilpis in the form of money in gratitude for the nature of their spiritual work. For those of you who are unable to attend this or future ceremonies, the best way to provide dakshina is to donate to the temple through CRS. From this support, we will be able to contribute toward future events of Sri Somesvara. You may send a check to: CRS, 1 Lila Lane, Clyde, NC 28721
    Please write Sri Somesvara dakshina in the memo.

    Dakshina is a state of Being. From that state of Being, whatever we do for another, we do for none other than our very own Self.

  6. Thank you Marcia, that is beautiful.