Knowledge is Within

Knowledge is Within - Michael MamasIt is commonly believed that knowledge is the result of observations of the outer world. It is the foundation of the scientific method. However, if we just give it a little thought, we realize that the observations are not the knowledge. It is how we put those observations together within our own minds that is the source of knowledge. Knowledge then is an inner experience, not an outer observation. What we observe matters little if we do not find understanding of those observations within ourselves. Knowledge comes from within.

The methodology of evolving our ability to become a person of greater knowledge is not usually known. It is the cultivation of inner awareness. The most powerful tool to accomplish this is proper meditation. There are various forms of meditation, but very few cultivate evolution. Rather, most control or condition the mind and/or heart to function in a particular manner. A meditation that cultivates evolution allows and facilitates a natural blossoming of awareness.

The potential of such cultivation goes far beyond the imagination of most. All knowledge is contained within. It is merely a matter of cultivating ones ability to tap more and more fully into that level of evolution.

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  1. We as students are very fortunate that not only have we learned the proper meditation but also have retreat options to further our evolution.

    I wish I was there!

    Jai Guru Dev