knowledge vs. Knowledge

If you think this quote from Mundaka Upanishad undermines Vedic knowledge in any way, then you do not understand the quote.  It is speaking of the sublime and subtle relationship between the Pure Absolute and the finest finest level of existence.  It is a beautiful commentary on the structure of existence.  This topic seems to keep coming up which is why this is posted here.  To those that seem to lose sight of the importance or even the possibility of their awakening to the Absolute, I would say read this quote.  To those who would not understand or appreciate the profound value of reason, Vedic literature, and the Vedic rituals, I would say that you too do not understand this quote.

My life is one of dedication to knowledge… both aspects of knowledge.  We are all in great debt to the Pandits and scholars who preserve and share Vedic knowledge.  You must of course, keep your ‘eye on the ball’ as you pursue the Self… the ‘higher Knowledge’ that is spoken of in the quote… enlightenment.  When held and understood properly, you understand the exquisite relationship between the two.  Each honors and reveres the other.

B%WDirectly experience the Self through PROPER meditation. Learn and practice the
Surya Ram Meditation and Surya Ram Meditation with Advanced Technique…From Mundaka Upanishad:

This Self cannot be obtained by studying the scriptures,
nor through the use of reason,
nor from the words of others
-no matter what they say.

By the grace of the Self is the Self known,
The Self reveals Itself.

‘Those who know Brahman,’ Angiras replied,
‘say that there are two kinds of knowledge,
– the higher and the lower.

The lower is that of the four Vedas
– Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva,
and of the accompanying sciences:
pronunciation, ritual, grammar,
etymology, metre, and astrology.
But higher is that through which the Eternal
is directly experienced.

But verily, these rituals are unsafe boats
They cannot reach the farthest shore.
The Vedic sciences are but the lower
The ignorant,
who take them as the higher,
sink once more into old age and death.

Though they think themselves wise and learned
they are fools lost in ignorance,
a prey to suffering,
wandering without direction,
like the blind led by the blind.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


  1. This past weekend’s class in California was just perfect. Thanks

  2. Dido what Richard said. In the moment while I am experiencing everything I forget to say thank you.

  3. The following from the Veda is also relevant. But do not get confused. Reading and listening to Vedic scripture and chants are of course of great value. It is important to get clear on this. Classes, pujas, havans, visiting the temple etc. are of course of tremendous value…. just as i have discussed in previous blogs.
    richo akshare parame vyoman — the richas of the Vedas are in the transcendental space
    yasmin deva adhi vishveduh
    Yas tan na veda — he who does not know it there (in the parame vyoman — transcendental space)
    kim richa karishyati — what can the richas of the Vedas do for him?

  4. Sorry, the dido what Richard said was from me. I bought a new computer and forgot to reenter my info. This blog is wonderful, it gives me goose bumps.

  5. Yes! All rituals and learning will possibly point you in the right directions (though not necessarily) but arrival at true knowledge (enlightenment) is through grace and experience. The field must be ploughed to be fruitful so pondering the imponderable is of great benefit. This is perhaps what one might call faith.

  6. Beautiful! I am reminded of your story:

    “I have a PhD in strawberries, and I can assure you this is no strawberry!”

    I am so happy when you’re here and so sad when you go back home. As Richard and Anonymous said: Thank you for the weekend.

  7. Classes, lectures, meditation, chanting, reading, visiting the temple, and talking with Pandit Prasad and Lakshmi have put many pieces of the puzzle in place for me. All those experiences have built up a cumulative energy, or vibration, to boost my personality beyond this material existence into the transcendental level of glimpsing my real SELF more and more.

    I know your guidance has been the determining factor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My dedication to Enlightenment is stronger than ever. What an incredible journey…….

  8. Yes indeed Betty. We are so blessed to have Panditji and Lakshmi here. When I think about that I can hardly contain myself. Their knowledge and grace can not be overstated.

  9. My appreciation for all of it.. also can not be overstated. I believe it was at the end of our class on softly said that “there is no greater gift than this knowledge” When I asked the girls after class if they now have a better sense of what you are teaching..they said that they did and I promptly said,”There is no greater gift than this knowledge” To the best of my ability..I will spend the rest of this life working on understanding this gift.
    Thank you dearly Brahmarshi for yet another amazing weekend!!

  10. Ditto to Richard’s comment. Amazing class in CA !!! …and great coming back to Mount Soma again. Incredible feeling. Life feels so rich here and is permeating everything in such a palpable way.

  11. Got all drawn into the comments that I forgot to add my comment on the blog. Thank you, Maharishi, for emphasizing over and over again the importance of experience and that true discovery of the Self needs to come from within. It seems that in this day and age, the intellect, although tremendously helpful, is largely been mistaken for the gold.

  12. Michael,
    Your comment is beautiful. I would only add ‘and sharing it with others’ to your second to last sentence. Of course, you already know and are doing that. I only wanted to acknowledge it.

  13. Marion,
    I like your words ‘true discovery of the Self needs to come from within’. And of course, knowledge of the Vedic literature, discernment, havana, pujas, etc. all support the process of bringing this about… the most powerful tool being the meditation that we offer. Other meditations have their value, but are no substitute.

    As soon as I got back to Mt Soma from the California class, I rushed to the temple. We are very blessed.

  14. Not sure what I can add to this. This class, the weekend, days, hours, feels timeless. The 3 hours on Sunday alone felt like more knowledge than could be acquired in dozens of lifetimes dedicated to an aesthetic life of knowledge… And it was so smooth…not rigorous…kinda effortless. That alone defies how knowledge is approached today. I felt incredibly lucky to witness first hand that such a phenomenal delivery of Knowledge is even possible…

    After experiencing your teaching skill this past weekend and taking a Fresh look at my current college courses, it seems like the collegiate approach, curriculum, methodology is almost designed to trick or deceive the mind.

  15. …and I am NOT exaggerating when I say, you delivered 30 lifetimes committed to knowledge/study in only 3 hours! I am trying to be accurate.

  16. It is really the students… the group consciousness… that brings the knowledge out of me. The group was open, alert yet settled, sincere, and without ‘edges’.

  17. Exquisite…