Kushi Grass Discovery

The Veda speaks of a number of sacred plants.  The Soma plant is a prominent example.  Kushi Grass is another fine example of a sacred plant.


Kushi Grass is used in Vedic ceremonies and only grows is very sacred places.


Pandit Prasad brought some with him from India when he came to Mount Soma. Even in India, it is quite expensive.


The other day when Pandit Prasad and his wife, Lakshmi Anasuya went for a walk, a remarkable thing happened.  They actually found Kushi grass growing wild at Mount Soma.  They were absolutely amazed.


Pandit Prasad explains that Mount Soma is Holy Ground.  That is why Kushi grass can actually grow here.  That is why we were able to build the Sri Somesvara Temple here.


The presence of Kushi grass again confirms the Holiness of this land.

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  1. That is so amazing and beautiful. It touches me very directly.

  2. Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

  3. Jai Śiva Śaṅkara

  4. After completing my first year at School for Enlightenment and Healing. Michael at the time asked us to bring to our last healing circle something we connected to out in nature and share it with the class, and I brought in this grass.
    In those days it was called love grass, the breezes moved it on the North Carolina mountain tops creating waves of grass no longer blades of grass.