Left-Right, Inhale-Exhale, Rise-Set, In Focus-Out of Focus

Just look around.  If there is one thing that is clear, everything cycles… the Sun, the Seasons, the electron, the times.  We live in a Time when things are out of focus… Kali Yuga.  The time of everything in focus lies in the future.  We can bring it forth.  Of course, most everyone always thinks they are among the enlightened few – those who see everything in perfect focus… and perhaps so do you.  Those that burnt Joan of Arc at the stake are no exception… So did they.

YOU have to think.  It has to make sense.  But you can justify anything with the intellect.  So making sense goes way beyond just the intellect.  Can you see past the mentality of your time? … of your family? … of your heritage? … of your upbringing, your childhood, your era, your indoctrination?

Every group in one way or another thinks they are the enlightened ones, so you must look far beyond that.  Every new generation thinks they are the ones that finally figured it out… They are the teenagers and millennials and those that never move beyond it, though they would assure you that they have.

Truth does not lie in any mentality.  It lies only in the silent ocean that dwells deep within.  That is what the Veda is.  That is where the Veda lies. Find it deep within yourself… or abandon yourself once again to the echoes of truth, perceived as truth.

Mount Soma

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  1. Someone asked a question about this blog before it even got formally posted… My response: Are you one of those who are ‘in the know’ according to the current mentality? Or perhaps you are one who discounts yourself thinking they must know better. Or perhaps you see yourself as one who hears a different drum a-drummin’ and sees something else that lies beyond them all. Those are all really the same one thing… a sell out. Either you live from the depth of your Being [no-thing-ness] or you sell yourself out to something much less. The choice is yours. Those who feel they do not know are way ahead of those that think they know.

  2. This must be in the atmosphere. I just received another email that relates. It states:

    I define Self-Awareness as “leading with a clear sense of identity, a clear sense of purpose and a distinct, consistent way of interacting with others”. There are other ways to define it, yet most definitions would include language that points to a clear and important sense of self.”

    To which I respond: “… according to that definition, Hitler and Dommer qualify. Without the Transcendent, nothing makes sense.”

  3. Great blog.

  4. Your guidance is beyond precious. Please keep expressing your wisdom and hopefully, one day, we will find it within. Your confidence in us is so admirable. Thank you.

  5. Just yesterday I finished watching the first season of “Vikings” This blog (yet again) hits home with perfect timing.
    The group of people the series focuses on were from Scandinavia,sometime around 793AD. It is based on historical records of some individuals. The people portrayed, seem to have it all figured out. They considered themselves in line with “The Gods” They believed they were the chosen ones of the gods! So as they plundered,raped,murdered and turned free men into slaves..not to mention the sacrifice of hundreds of amimals and people..they justified it because they “knew” it was what the gods wanted. They prayed before the raids and thanked the gods for their success afterwards. Ofcourse the Europeans had it all figured out as well! My thoughts when I finished the series were..things have not really changed a lot since then..except ofcourse all the details. I recommmend the program..I definitely connected some historical dots.
    Thank you Brahmarshi for this great blog. It seems the less I realize I know..the more fulfilled I am becoming.

  6. Brahmarshi,

    The truth within me recognizes itself in your words. Sometimes the most powerful teaching is when you hold up a mirror and allow me to experience that which my mind cannot hope to grasp.


  7. Sublime Brahmarshi, Tanja

  8. That’s my favorite line:
    “Without the Transcendent, nothing makes sense.”

    When something doesn’t seem to make sense, I HAVE to look deeper.
    The hard part, though, is when I assume it DOES make sense… in a small-minded way.

    But I guess this too is part of the path. I laugh now as I keep seeing a little further into the bedrock of assumptions that have shaped my worldview. In a way, it is heartening… If I can have already been so incorrect in my thinking… maybe even more of my perspective is off and life is still more sensible and magically alive and healable than my cynical eye has seen! This would be a wondrous gift…

    It’s funny how I assume the answers to what I don’t understand must be additional knowledge hidden somewhere “out there” beyond my reach. I keep looking for new information. I know you’ve talked about this… This blog points me back to the idea that it’s not about new information, but about looking at what is right in front of me again. I keep straining to see more, but it is already here. Look Again. Look Again. Look Again.

    This Deep Dive I’ve been seeing again how much I constantly push myself (and then of course, others). I’d like to change this relationship with life. I know I can be focused, purposeful, and motivated without being cranky and impatient that things be more or move faster than they already are. I have a hard time riding the natural timing of things… I’m asking myself to Look Again… Living here definitely requires that of us, just in the nature of our life: Look Again. Think Again. Sometimes it seems crazy-making, but then again… it is changing us to see and think anew.

    And for that, I say:
    Yay! Thanks be.
    Whew, but keep it coming. 🙂

  9. I enjoyed all these comments very much. MIchael B… Your comment made me laugh out loud. So true… as it is said, the more things change, the less things change.

    If there were a simple rule book to follow, someone would have found it by now. God is wiser and more magnificent than that. It is all in the Veda, but people keep insisting upon reducing it down to something less than what it is… then they believe they have it figured out.

    The more things change, the less things change. Look deeper to live better.

  10. Joy Anna, I think you and I struggle with similar frustrations. I think sometimes that I HAVE to know some form of “truth” so that I can organize the world in a way that justifies or provides explanation for my experiences and observations. I was thinking while driving in my car yesterday that this constant organization, explaining, and justification can actually be blinding, or as brahmarshi wrote in this post, take things out of focus. How to interact with the uncomfortable parts of life without filing them into an organized point-of-view, though, is beyond my ability. I’m not saying I feel that I could never open my mind up further, but as of right now – in this moment – it is a very real limitation!

  11. Deep refined feelings birth sound reasoning. These act as the bridge between the True Self and healthy thoughts. When there is disturbance within, that process is compromised.

  12. This blog helped me think through every interaction in a non-judgement state of mind. Thanks for the clarity Bramarshi. Also love the picture you used for this post.