Lord Shiva’s Drum

Lord Shiva's DrumI was planning to write something very simple about how Lord Shiva’s drum is shaped like two triangles (an upward pointing one as Shiva, the linga, and a downward pointing one as Parvati, the yoni). The drum in that form represents the unmanifest. When Lord Shiva plays his drum the two triangles (Shiva and Shakti) come together and overlap forming the six pointed star representing manifest existence, the universe.

However, the more I think about it the more beautiful it becomes. The geometry goes on and on, forming the Shri Yantra by superimposition; forming all yantras and forms, like circles by spinning, etc. The mathematics of the six-pointed star alone is a vast, abstract algebraic equation – abstract algebra being the mathematics underlying all existence.

I remember as a child around age 7, my family watched a Walt Disney episode that displayed the wonders of the five-pointed star. I was mesmerized. The ancient Greek Pythagoreans drew that star on their palms. Simple geometric forms are fundamental to existence, the mathematics of which is the mathematics of the unified field, the underlying basis of existence. Yantras are mathematic computer chips that enliven the foundation of existence within the cosmic computer of human awareness.

The structure in yantras resonates with the structure in gemstones. Everything is born through the play of the two triangles of Lord Shiva’s drum.

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  1. As you, Michael Mamas, go deeper into the Vedic knowledge, I find myself more and more fascinated with what you shine the light on. I hope this arena of symbols and sacred geometry becomes a series of blogs.

  2. So if I get this right, it sounds like the geometric forms are basic to existence, and the math that explains those forms is abstract algebra, which is a math that also explains the unified field. So it sounds like geometry and abstract algebra are related and play off each other. This may end my debate with a classmate about which is better/more fun, abstract algebra or geometry… I voted geometry. He voted abstract algebra.

  3. “Yantras are mathematic computer chips that enliven the foundation of existence within the cosmic computer of human awareness.” Beautiful!

    I watched the video and also remember being mesmerized by it when I was a child. I think it’s a great video to introduce young students to geometry!

  4. Yes this is remarkable and off the charts fascinated:

    “Yantras are mathematic computer chips that enliven the foundation of existence within the cosmic computer of human awareness.”

  5. I first heard about the male/female correlation in the da vinci code – where they referred to the feminine triangle tYoni) as the cup of christ, the sacred chalice, the Holy Grail – and the womb of Mary Magdalene.  That will always be open to speculation, but the underlying geometry and algebra is undeniable – a mathematical “Proof” of cosmic and universal magnitude.  

    The work and history of Greek Pythagoreans is another fun topic altogether.  ‎I fondly recall first learning the Pythagorean theorem in school as a boy and felt my first fascination with geometry.     

    ‎Love this blog subject.  

  6. Beautiful and fascinating. Love to hear more when I have time.

  7. I really like this explanation. I find it helpful to combine the abstract principles like Shiva and Parvati with geometric forms that can be seen. It feels like the picture helps my mind to expand. Thank you.

  8. Wherever Michael Mamas turns his gaze, he sees the interconnectedness of the universe. We are so lucky to have him teach us.