Lunar Eclipse… Next Days Reflections

Moon AuraCertainly, the routine we follow during an eclipse defies our western thinking (programming, conditioning, paradigm identity). In fact, there are a number of things in the Vedic tradition that do not immediately make sense to the western mind. Similarly, advanced math does not make much sense to a student just learning basic arithmetic. However, the more such a student studies, the more that student comes to realize the teacher knows more than they do. Therefore, they continue to study and know that there is a deeper knowledge to higher math.

Similarly, once we study Vedic knowledge for a while, we come to have that same sort of appreciation for Vedic science. As a result, though at first glance the guidelines of what to do during an eclipse may feel odd, we try it anyway. Last night during the eclipse, we at Mount Soma stayed indoors, pulled the window shades closed, and did not eat or drink during the eclipse. I believe I can speak for the group that the feeling of the day and particularly the experience during the eclipse validated the truth of the practice. It felt profound, powerful, appropriate, and in harmony with the mechanics of the day, the environment, and the cosmos.

The ancient Rishis cognized Vedic Knowledge. To understand and appreciate cognition is a huge step in one’s understanding of life and existence. Yet to understand it is not just an intellectual process. It is experiential. Knowledge is far more than a set of facts. It is something we find within ourselves, within the depths of our own consciousness. It is not blind faith. It is inner awareness. One’s level of knowledge is the direct result of one’s level of consciousness. As it is said, knowledge is structured in consciousness.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy the insights and reminders your provide. I would love to hear more about what the felt experience of it was like (eg. What were they aware of about the eclipse that you perhaps hadn’t noticed before..) if any of the community wants to share ?

  2. Thanks for this timely blog. Last night my Western mind questioned pulling down the window shades, not eating, etc. Then I couldn’t sleep all night long. The only explanation I could come up with for this unusual circumstance was the eclipse. I felt there must be something to this Vedic teaching about eclipses and this blog cements it. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, the math student learns algebra.

  3. Thanks for the comments about the overall experiences at Mount Soma.

    My experiences of eclipses is that they are the best opportunities for deep profound inward meditation. Perhaps the recommendation to “stay indoors” is symbolic of the opportunity of going deeply within oneself in deep meditation during that time frame.

  4. It makes perfect sense to me that something disruptive in the cosmos would map onto human physiologies, so I followed the recommendations to the letter and probably even went a bit overboard, as I am prone to do. I slept deep and soundly and woke up feeling like something powerful had occurred – kind of like-nothing is the same and nothing will ever be the same-but everything is the same.

  5. I tried the recommendations for the eclipse time too. Here’s how the transcendent and Rahu guided me. I had thought I was going to do two massages during the beginning of the eclipse, both clients cancelled. I had also thought to catch up on paperwork, but left my computer power cable at home. Instead,I meditated when the eclipse went precise, did some journaling, some self-care massage. It was the perfect way outside of being at Mount Soma to spend the time wisely.