Lunar Eclipse

MoonThe will be a lunar eclipse Friday, February 10, 2017.

In Asheville, North Carolina:
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5:34 pm Penumbral Eclipse begins
6:03 pm Moonrise
7:43 pm Maximum Eclipse
9:53 pm Penumbral Eclipse ends

It begins at 5:34 pm EST, so according to Vedic tradition we should be inside starting around 5 pm, and stay inside until the eclipse finishes. Also, we should not look outside during an eclipse.

Panditji mentioned:

  • The temple will close at 12 noon this day and reopen the next day.
  • Everyone should have an empty stomach when the eclipse begins and no one should consume food or beverage during the eclipse. He suggested people eat lunch and then eat dinner after the eclipse ends at 10 pm.
  • The following day, Saturday, a white flower should be offered to the Moon and 9 Pradakshinas around the Navagrahas while chanting silently the following Mantra: Shri Chandraya Namaha.
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  1. If an eclipse is not visible in my location should I still follow the same guidelines prescribed here?

  2. If not visible, then no need to follow guidelines.

  3. Of course, if it is simple cloudy weather that prevents it from being seen, then the guidelines are to be followed.

  4. Punditji told me once that the effects of an eclipse can go on for months. (I think I got that right.) I was surprised, having assumed the effects passed when the eclipse passed. Interesting.

  5. Thank you! Timely advice that caused me to look at what degrees the eclipse occurs in my chart. I have two planets affected for this one and am strongly seized by the fall eclipses as well. I will be staying in and fasting.

  6. These guidelines make sense to me in a general way… The energy of an eclipsed/shadowed planet would seem to have a weakening effect. But I wonder if I’m missing a deeper understanding; they seem like great measures to go to, for something with a seemingly subtle impact. I suppose the subtle nature of the impact doesn’t decrease the power of the impact… Perhaps eclipse procedures are so important because the Sun and Moon are our sources of light? Do you have further thoughts on this?

  7. We have been getting more and more comments that require extensive knowledge to respond to adequately. Regarding Joy Anna’s comment, it is important to keep in mind that that the location and interrelationship between planets is a mapping or reflection of a deeper inner mechanic of existence. Just as the foot, in reflexology, maps onto the rest of the body, the location of planets map onto a quantum mechanical (i.e. transcendental) level of existence. It is that deeper level that is important and that the planets as if monitor or reflect. The planets then, show us what is happening on deeper levels. In that sense, it is not the planets as chunks of matter in space that are affecting us so much as it is the deeper mechanics that the planets ‘describe’, show, or monitor for us. The word ‘graha’ superficially means ‘planet’ in the conventional sense. However, in the deeper sense the ‘grahas’ are quantum mechanical operators within the deepest and most powerful level of existence. They are foundational to the surface, just as the roots of a tree are foundational to the leaves that blow about in the breeze. Yet it is the roots, though unseen, that sustain the life and health of the leaves. For a healthy life, tend carefully to the roots of life.

  8. Note that not only the planets, but everything is one with everything else… a unified field as Einstein referred to it. I am that. Thou art that. All of this is nothing but that. In other words, anything and everything maps onto anything and everything else. Some of those mappings are easy to read or interpret. Others are not. The location of the planets in space and time is a mapping that can be read.

  9. Thank you for redirecting back to mapping and looking deeper at the description of the planets affected. As I am also currently in Sa-Ra-Sa, more mapping for me; back to Jyotish in a Nutshell. I wondered if the ancient guidelines were fear based, then decided to look at the eclipses from the vantage point of going inward-not only physically in a house, but also meditating in that time when the eclipse becomes exact. The feeling was more honoring the great work that the shadow casts upon the light.

  10. Right; mapping! I forgot…