Maharshi, Maharshiji, Brahmarshi, Brahmarshiji, Guruji, Michael

birdsPersonally, I am fine with any name or title, provided it is respectful. It is amazing how passionate the feelings of so many are around my name. Some insist it is disrespectful to call me anything other than Brahmarshi. Others insist that there have only been two Brahmarshis in all of history. Some say Maharshi is a title no one could possibly argue with. Others say it is not accurate. Some have suggested Guruji. Others insist that Guruji has many negative connotations in the mind of westerners. Michael, most insist, is not right. It would be like addressing a judge in the courtroom by his first name.

No matter what name you choose, someone will be upset. What to do? I have decided to go with the name that seems to please the majority of people and that is Maharshiji. From my side, I am fine if you prefer any of the other Vedic terms described here that may please you. I would prefer to stay out of the debates. If you have comments, that is fine. But I think we have heard more than enough perspectives on the right or wrong of any name or title so please refrain from adding those sort of comments.

Though I am not at all what I would consider famous, the debates on this and many other subjects bring to light the idea: The flip side of fame is infamy. I find it all to be most fascinating. I am grateful. After all, fascination is my favorite emotion.

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  1. What a refreshing end to your blog. Fascination is my favorite emotion as well! Thank you. Your blog left me smiling and fascinated. 🙂

  2. Then Maharshiji, I for one, will call you by your chosen name. It is indeed fascinating to watch the reactions and hear the arguments of people regarding any word, much less a name. As a woman, I have worn the name of my father, of my husbands, also a name that came to me in a dream when I wanted my own name. I have been called many things, some not flattering. My favorite of the moment is when the doula and postpartum families I support me “Auntie” in their family circle. Each name has been cause for reflection.

  3. I think the controversey around your name/title is really profound. Why is it so difficult? Why has its discussion gone on for years? It is really fun to speculate on answers to those questions. Is it that your person/position is so unique it cannot easily be catagorized? Maybe there are so few people alive today that understand the True meaning of the words Brahmarishi, Maharishi, ectera. Maybe the issues people have are just testament to how much confusion prevails in the arena of spirituality today. Or, maybe naming you somehow reduces all that you are down to a point value that is just plain insufficient and unsatisfactory to people. Maybe you should have many names…just a thought. 😉

  4. I didn’t know there was still a debate raging about your name. To me you are a Brahmarshi, apparently the third in all of history. But I’ll go with whatever your preference is. :o)

  5. Hey Brahm!

    No comment, just saying hey.

    Jai Brahm!
    Jai Guru Dev!
    Jai Siva Shankara!

  6. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”–William Shakespeare

    I don’t understand the commotion either. Thank you for being flexible:)

  7. I’m with Claudi. Why not Brahmarishi / Brahmarshi ? Third in history sounds about right. Anyone who is facilitating a Sat Yuga and doing it from the West is rarest of the rare. I suspect the multiple titles will continue along with discussion of which one is right and which is wrong.

  8. Ditto what Claudi and Denise wrote and Hayley’s post helped clarify why the debate has continued in some circles.

    What I realized in the end is that our Beloved Teacher will bring in the Age of Enlightenment and that will happen no matter what he is called –

    Jai Guru Dev

  9. I don’t think we have enough names to choose from..we need…uhmmmm….i don’t know…maybe….108? Ya, that sounds like a good number.

  10. What might the difference between adding the ji after each name. I want to be respectful, whatever is the most respectful is good for me, but I still think of you as Michael in my mind. I think that is respectful from me.
    Great blog!

  11. Nice to see we are at least attempting to properly elevate our teachers… especially a true teachers teacher…

  12. Another title was suggested and is fine by me. It is “Mamaji”. Short form of ‘Maharshi Maheshananda’.