Maharshi Maheshananda World Peace Project (MMWPP) Update



The Pandits completed the 11 days at Rameshvaram and are now at Sreesailam in AndhraPradesh.  Two stories follow. Coincidence or magical? You can decide. They are certainly true.

One day in Rameshvaram it was raining and raining all day long.  After ceremonies, the Pandits went for supper.  While at supper, the rain became so strong that the roads were not passable.  The Pandits could not return to the hotel.  They decided to pray to Lord Shiva.  Immediately after the prayer ended, the rain remarkably stopped!  The moment the pandits returned to their hotel, the rain started again and did not stop all through the night and the entire next day.

More recently, they arrived at the next jyotirlinga, Sreesailam, only to find no rooms or puja halls available for rent, as it is tourist season.  They stood amidst scores of visitors wondering what to do. A stranger approached them and they told him about me, the MMWPP, and their trouble finding rooms.  He told them not to worry and to follow him.  Remarkably, without delay, he found a puja hall for them and took them to a hotel with rooms available.  After signing for the rooms, the pandits turned around to thank the man. He was nowhere to be found.  The pandits were staggered.  It was as if he had vanished into thin air.


Clay lingas at Rameshvaram.

At each jyotirlinga, the pandits make 365 small lingas out of mud every day for 11 days. After the 11 days of ceremony, the 4015 lingas (11 x 365) are put into a nearby river to dissolve and wash away.  A Kalash (container) of water from the ceremonies is brought to the jyotirlinga and poured over it.

We all know that different things all have their own unique feeling.  Some call that an ‘energy’ or ‘vibration.’  The ‘serpent power’ that moves up the spine is called kundalini.  This kundalini energy is the power to create, dissolve, and recreate the universe.  Very powerful!  The mud to make the lingas needs to be of that vibration. Therefore, the pandits use mud from snake holes to make the lingas.  That is certainly a fascinating example of mapping.  Yes??

We thank all who have contributed to help support the MMWPP.  Find out how you can JOIN THE PROJECT and have your name included in the ceremonies at each Jyotirlinga.

Jai Siva Sankara!!

To see a map of all the Jyotirlingas, CLICK HERE.


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  1. Awesome. I just wish the link were easier to understand.

  2. Not surprisIng at all. An amazing project, thank you for the opportunity Maharshi to be involved.

    Jai Siva Sankara

  3. As they say in poker, I am all in…
    The seed has been planted let the harvest be infinitely perpetuating…