You know it was a good day when at the end of the day your cheeks are sore from smiling so much.  Yesterday, July 16 being 45 days since the Hanuman statue installation, was the Mandalabhishekam.

There was something special about the day from the very beginning.  The feeling in the air reminded me of those days, decades ago, when my teacher, Maharshi, was somewhere, anywhere, in the area.  Everything was permeated with His being, with the Divine.  There was a sweet, yet profound sense of crystal clarity within everything.  One could say that every day at Mount Soma feels that way, but yesterday that feeling was particularly tangible.

Proceedings started with a Ganesh Puja in the temple.  Then a Hanuman Havan and Kalash Puja, followed by the Nagadevata Abhishekam and Puja, and concluding with the Hanuman Abhishekam and Puja. Concurrent with all of this is the summer meditation retreat. 

To describe the feeling as joyous would be, for me, an understatement.  The celebrations here are ever-increasingly powerful and profound as our community continues to grow and prosper.

We are all very blessed.

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  1. Today I went to see my Acupuncturist Dr. Wu. He felt my pulse and asked where I go to meditate for my retreats. I told him in North Carolina. He got a big grin on his face and said, it is a very spiritual place isn’t it. I smiled and said, yes it is. As Maharishi would say, so Rare! I feel very blessed to have of Mount Soma all that is and all that it represents.

  2. Jai Hanuman!

    It is wonderful to have Hanuman here, his energy enlivened, living with us. It adds another layer of richness to the feeling here. Hanuman’s qualities are beautiful… Dedication. Courage. Willingness to act in accord with his heart and purpose. Pure devotion. These qualities are strengthened by his presence here, infusing every day of life at Mount Soma. He is a good reminder of the path forward: one step at a time, with simple, pure and whole-hearted intent. Onward.

    Jai Guru Dev 🙂

  3. Just reading this blog seemed to enliven the Transcendent. Wow. Wish I could have been there for Mandalabhishekam. By the way, love the video photo!

  4. Wow is right! This blog made me feel GOOD! And long for mt. Soma. I look so forward to mother divine retreat! Thank you for sharing a taste.

    With deep respect.

  5. What a beautiful blog Maharshiji. And Tanja, I love the picture/video?! Love seeing you Nick. Wish I could’ve been there, but I feel it from your words and vision.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  6. Hanuman, representing devotion and commitment, represents two qualities that have become palpable in our daily lives at Mount Soma. We also feel the divinity permeating the area as our Maharshi, attends pujas, ceremonies, teaches class, gives lectures, and guides our evolvement. Not to take away, anything, from your memories, Maharshi. We just feel so blessed, also.

    The Mandalabhishekam was a powerful event for me. From the chanting to pouring blessed water on Hanuman’s feet enlivened a solidity, in me, that Hanuman portrays as he watches over our beloved Teacher and Mount Soma. We are so grateful.