Mantras and Reverence

reverenceI was asked a rather intricate set of questions about mantras to which I respond:

The universe manifested in a mathematically precise manner creating a very precise underlying structure to creation.  The building blocks of that structure are mantras, which have a corresponding sound.  Those sounds each have a specific quality which, when chanted, enliven that value in the physiology and psyche.  The science of using the right mantra at the right time in the right manner is subtle indeed, just as using the right medicine at only the right time and dose is of great importance.

On one level, a mantra is a sound.  From another angle, a mantra is a word with a meaning.  From another, it can be a name of a God… i.e. a name for one facet of the One.  Some say a mantra should be done with reverence or it will not be effective. That is true and not true.  If the mantra is repeated without reverence, it still has an effect.  Slowly it will melt the ice.  Slowly one will awaken to the warm sunshine of the depth of ones being from which the mantra emerges, for you are one with the Unified Field, the underlying basis of all that is.  A mantra warms the soul, so to speak.  As things thaw, life is felt more fully.  The fine texture of Divine essence begins to be more fully felt from within.  This naturally blossoms into reverence.

On the other hand, if reverence is there already, so much the better.  BUT we must be careful here.  There is mood-making and then there is genuine reverence. Emotional indulgence is not the true reverence of which I am speaking.  Real reverence is an evolved state of physiology… not an attitude or mood.  Remember, echoes of Truth perceived as Truth hold Truth at bay.  The same is so for reverence.

Clinging to what one may think of as reverence when doing a mantra could interfere with the blossoming of genuine reverence, which emerges from the very depth of your being.  For this to occur in an undistorted, balanced, and fully integrated manner is most delicate.  Feeling deeply and feeling deeply with refined pure tone are two different things.  Like radio receivers, the same music may be heard, but with varying degrees of clarity… distorted or distortion free.  Clinging to the distortion that has infiltrated the physiology inhibits the evolution of the reception.

When the physiology is pure and free of stress or strain, the body thrills with the vibration of mantras naturally.  Repeating the right mantras at the right time in the right manner over time creates that state of harmony within… harmony with nature…. harmony with the true Self.   To evolve means to reawaken to the You that eternally dwells deep within each individual.  Mantras facilitate the process when used properly.  Mantras are born out of the depth and can be used to awaken you to the depth.

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  1. Good morning Brahmarshi,
    I am most appreciative for the clarity you just imparted concerning Mantras. Years ago, I was giving a Mantra through the Naadi scolls and recently was able to have the Sanskrit word(s) made understandable to me. Once being comfortable with it, I began using it as a glorious tool. This week, I was in conversation at Vedanta concerning the true nature and beingness of Mantras, on this I was still quite ignorant, and a copy of a lecture given by Vivekanada on the subject was shared. ( I was going to read the lecture later today.) But in this moment, Brahmarshi, you just answered the question for me in a way I can feel. This feeling awareness loosened and then dissolved a big chunk of ignorance. I offer my sincere thanks for your service to me: answering a question in lecture that dissolves (untangles ignorance) or a question asked only through my heart. Blessing to you. Gloria

  2. Hit the nail on the head… again… again… again… 🙂
    I am honored to call you my teacher. Thank you!

  3. I feel at a loss. I don’t perform mantras and I do not know why I have always been reticent to do so. Is it possible you hold things inside you and they come out without intention? That there are already mantras with you and they just happen? Jai Guru Dev.

  4. Bramarshi:

    I love the mantra given me. Your amazing informative and gentle blog both addresses and encompasses any concerns I might have had as to whether I was saying my mantra “right”. What struck me as well is this blog’s applicability to any creed or culture not only now but through time.

    Saying my mantra in the “appropriate” manner, I will feel some difference sooner than later! (Incidentally, my use of the word “appropriate” is intended to reflect, hold, and balance all the nuances contained in Mantras and Reverence.)

    I thank Thee immeasurably.

  5. Could it have been the static free connection?

    I smile at this childhood memory:

    My parents were farmers and they had become frantic because the crops were drying up. No rain. We were a dozen in the family. At an early age, several mentioned becoming priests or nuns when they grew up. They prayed all the time. Not me. I found boys to be interesting. Early. And I made a deal, I would start to pray the way they did when I became sixty five!

    Surprisingly though, my dad asked me if I could pray for rain. I don’t think I was yet seven.
    Each evening we would all kneel to say the rosary and the “Let Us Pray” prayers that followed. And so I was allowed to lead the rosary. The family “holy ones”, as I thought of them, seemed impatient with me on a regular basis. And so I indeed was nervous.
    Being thorough though, I said the beads between the beads in addition to the regular ones. Though my eyes were closed, I remember feeling pressure as family members began to shift restlessly and sigh and sigh.
    (I think I ran a half hour overtime). Yikes!
    And so, as usual, once the rosary was completed, I said: “Let Us Pray” …to which my father said: “what the hec do you think we have been doing all this time”?

    The next day clouds appeared. Ah, rain at last. For seven days and seven nights, it rained. Now, mind you, in flat country that could be a problem. Everything was sitting in water. So then dad asked me if I would ask if the rain would stop. And so I did. And it did! Stop.
    Not a big deal. You see, I came with tender, natural and innocent devotion both unencumbered and static free and with a knowing that if I asked, I would receive. No doubts, no fanfare, no cobwebs no gummy supplication. Just innocence and tenderness with a clear transmission. Both ways, I suppose.

    And to this day, my favorite number is seven.

    For me, your blog, Brahmarshi, on Mantras and Reverence, turned the eternal lamp inside me just a bit brighter. And that is all I want.


  6. Donna,
    It is true that mantras are within you. It is true that in time everyone sorts things out and eventually becomes enlightened. However, why postpone the joy and why prolong the ignorance. In this case of evolution, it is good to ‘burn the candle at both ends’. That is to say, rely on the innate inner knowing, but also facilitate the process with mantras, healing techniques, discernment, etc. The former, innate value, goes from in to out. The latter, facilitation, goes from out to in. Just be sure the practice you employ is wise. There are plenty of ‘self help’ techniques and mantras out there. Few are true healing. Most just sweep the dust under the rug. My commitment is to providing you with true healing. Quick fixes are usually long term problems. Donna, I know that you know this. I am just speaking tangentially off your comment.

  7. Brahmarshi I am beyond flattered you think I know that, or anything, because at the moment there was never more of a time when I was bought to my knees. As for mantra, may I respectuflly ask if there is one I should be doing other than the one word during meditation? Sanjay a few years back gave me one that had the name of a Christian figure. It felt strange to me. I am guessing it was my very strict Catholic upbringing that did not appreciate that. There were many innocent beautiful trusting intense things about my relationship with the Divine when I was a child. Should I try that again? There is no subtlety to that mantra for me, it is like hitting myself repeatedly with a 2 by 4. As gentle an utterance as it is…..was it too soon? Is it ok now? Even writing about it I feel a deep pain in my heart. I don’t understand the pain and shame behind something so beautiful. Is it separation? Longing? Being in human form? What is there to fear? When you whisper a mantra, why does the fear not float and dissolve with that mantra? Jai Guru Dev.

  8. Donna,
    I believe you misunderstood Sanjay. When you come to Mount Soma next, we can look into mantras for you.

    Everyone has what I call a ‘fold in their paper.’ It is the way the psyche collapses when too much pressure is applied or they are triggered for whatever reason. You go to grief… a deep pain in your heart. Others go where they do.

  9. Thank you Brahmarshi. I have to work full time (went back Labor Day) and close out two residences and an office, and deal with many legal issues. I will get there as soon as I can. Jaia Guru Dev.