MMWPP Update

MMWPPThe pandits have completed the second Jyothirlinga. They will start the third, Ujjaini: Mahakaleswar, on January 19 until January 29, then immediately go to the fourth jyothirlinga, Omkar: Omkareswar, on January 30 until February 9.

Omakareswar is on the Narmada River, where the Narmadeshwara lingas form naturally.  We will ask the pandits to purchase one for us while they are there.

On what at first may appear to be a completely different note, being football playoff time I heard the following quote that I believe is from Vince Lambardi:

‘It is essential to understand that battles
are won primarily in the hearts of men.’

To bring forth peace on Earth can be viewed as a battle.  The classic battle between light and darkness… sat and asat.

It must be fought with our hearts.

See more images from the MMWPP in India.





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  1. So true, so true…
    Thank you for helping this tinman
    transform into a human. Much more
    work to be done but the path is now known through
    you and your teachings.