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flowerRecently, in a talk I gave, the point was made that Vedic Knowledge has the ability to align humanity with the laws of nature. In that case, there would be no war, famine, pollution, etc. Because these things exist, even in India which is the Land of the Veda, it is clear that the Knowledge is not being upheld properly… even in India. Below I will paraphrase questions that were submitted regarding this.

Q: Although India is a land of Vedas, unfortunately in this KALI YUGA there is BAD even in INDIA. Isn’t that why there is bad in India today?

A: Yes, that is true. The lack of proper implementation of Vedic Knowledge correlates with the time of Kali Yuga. However, we must not use the fact that it is Kali Yuga to just give up on these matters. Even in Kali Yuga, the knowledge exists and can be found, enlivened, purified, and utilized. As Lord Krishna said, a period of Sat Yuga can emerge in the midst of Kali Yuga. It is up to us to bring it forth. The fact that there is suffering in India stands as proof that this has not been done sufficiently. As Adi Shankara said, the knowledge must be purified by every generation. This knowledge is subtle… necessarily as subtle as nature itself because that is what it is… nature. We must be diligent about aligning with that knowledge. Concurrently, we can understand that the task is formidable, particularly in Kali Yuga. It seems many people throughout history feel they have the answers. However, particularly in Kali Yuga, that is quite rare…. wisdom is quite rare. And it is good to keep in mind that, as I say, the flip side of the coin of wisdom is humility.

Q: Why Can’t Nature/God/Consciousness be only GOOD. Why should there be BAD at all right from the BIG BANG? (Creation of universe). I find it hard to digest in order for GOOD to exist there should be BAD. Why can’t people just live in plain peace? Why the negativity?

A: This question comes up often. I could answer simplistically but that is often done by many and is not, to my mind, at all satisfying. However, to answer it with depth requires a level of understanding of the nature of existence that few are willing to take the time to really comprehend. It is best responded to in a lecture format where questions can be asked and confusions clarified. If those points are not understood, the reader will likely reject what they do not understand as being false, and stop reading! However, I will attempt to convey it here.

Existence is a reality continuum. There are an infinite number of simultaneously valid, yet contradictory realities. For example, you and I are one. As it says in the Vedas, “I am that. Thou art that. All of this is nothing but that.” At the same time, you are you and I am me. We are separate and different. Simultaneous yet contradictory realities. The extent and details of this principle are vast and merit many talks. However, I trust that this is enough said to convey the point I need to make here. Namely, that this question can be answered many ways. If you were to choose one way, the best would be the way that satisfies the person asking the question.

As an example, allow me to answer it this way: There is nothing other than oneness… pure consciousness. Ancient rishis, as well as many modern physicists, agree upon that. In other words, relative existence is an illusion… maya. It is all founded upon, if you will, a mistake. I know that idea upsets some people, but that is only because of the connotations they place on the word ‘mistake’. It is a beautiful thing really. The grandeur of what unfolds from consciousness interacting with itself to create the universe is marvelous, beautiful, profound, and filled with meaning and significance. That is still another lecture in and of itself.

Now, inherent in that mistake is imperfection. That is why some saints have referred to relative existence as a field of imperfection. There is no absolute within it… that is what ‘relative’ means. The absolute is transcendental… it transcends the relative. So now, in the relative, we have varying degrees of imperfection, i.e. varying degrees of what we understand to be good and bad. So in a nutshell, good and bad emerge from the very nature of existence. In fact, without bad, there would be no illusion and this world would cease to exist. See?

Other examples: Manifestation occurred because the Absolute wanted to explore its own nature.

Another example: Nothing exists. It is maya. It all nets out to ‘no-thing-ness’. To illustrate, zero is the sum of a negative one plus a positive one. They cancel out to zero. The world needs two poles to spin around. As the rose blossom gets large, the thorns too get large. In Kali Yuga, bad is found in the hearts and minds of people. In other ages, it is found in demons hidden deep in the forest. See?

We could go on and on with examples from the infinite number of realities that co-exist. It is a folly of humanity that people look for the one reality that answers all questions. It does not exist. Yet all realities unify into a wholeness. That wholeness is bliss… fulfillment. Do not look for it on the surface of life. It is not there. It is found in the depth of your being. Unity is not unification with the things you think of as good. Unity is the unification of all that is. Once you are enlightened, you understand everything. You stand under in humility. As it is said, when the mango tree becomes full of fruit, the branches naturally bow down in humility and touch the earth.

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