My One and Only Path

footprintsSpiritual Knowledge… real spiritual knowledge is so profoundly subtle.  It is what I teach.  When I look at the world, even the current court case in the news and see how people think, how they react, how they behave… and what forms their opinions… It brings me face to face with what I am up against.

How can something so sublime as deep spiritual knowledge be conveyed to a world of such fractious emotionality and irrationality of thought?  Yet that is the task at hand.  I see no way to resolve the world’s challenges other than to face that one supreme challenge head on.  Yet we have a great technology available to us… Vedic technology.  Furthermore, we have the very nature of life itself… the natural tendency for separation to merge back into wholeness… oneness… Unity and Harmony.

Regardless of the degree of the challenge, there is nothing else to do.  There is only to face the wind head on and move in the direction of the Divine that dwells deep within us all.

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  1. Ow, so much pain amidst the beauty. Thank you for being you and the beauty and depth you point out, or I might just sit around crying as I stare at the surface of life.

  2. My heart screams “this is true” There is no question that my spiritual path is number one for me. I am doing my best to live my life in accordance to that fact. I also know that I can do better, which ofcourse is true in all arenas of my life. I do see (as you have pointed out) that the task of shifting society’s awareness is a monumental task! I will do all that I can to support you. I truly am still not completely sure why I am blessed with a fairly good level of clarity to common sense and that I understood your importance to my personal evolution when I first heard you speak. I do know how thankful I am to be aware of it.. and there is no turning back now.
    Thank you Brahmarshi

  3. Thank goodness we have Brahmarshi as a trailblazer on this path of greater and greater integration. I’m sure for many of us reading these blogs, everything else in life seems either ridiculous, boring, dumb, or just not of interest. The spiritual path is where our passion lies. If I hadn’t found Brahmarshi, I would probably still be going from teacher to teacher, searching for someone who knew what the heck is really going on here.

  4. You raise many points and offer yourself generously. There is much to know in the subtlety of the not so subtle frictions. I am glad that they come to your attention. We are gifted by the many aspects of the working out in the world…Many means of engagement, many volunteers to bring to the surface that which is offered to return to the one, as you suggest.
    I recently heard the metaphor of the awakening process including the view through the clouded glass and then the view through the cleared glass with a scratch. What is the relevance? Which focuses our attention? Which draws forth our effort and contribution?
    In 1983, I remember standing in a room and thinking, ” things are changing quickly, I do want that someone with knowledge, understanding and compassion notice and consider this.” I felt so tired and overwhelmed by the demands of the day. So concerned for my children and their future.
    I am heartened that you notice. May your message be delivered so that it is heard where it is needed.

  5. That whole court case was such an incredible distraction. I suspect it was intended to stir up emotions. Maybe one benefit of it is to underscore the craziness and insanity of mainstream culture. I think people are intuitively longing for a deeper reality. That deeper reality is hard to find in embodied form, and I hope more and more people find there way to what you offer.

  6. Yes Gregg,
    Longing for the deepest reality is the nature of all life and even of existence itself…. gravity attracts everything back to center. Though all creatures have a sense of that, the clarity of understanding is not there [the clouded glass Kathy referred to in her comment]. The lack of clarity has caused many rational thinkers to reject religion and spirituality in its entirety… throwing out the baby with the bathwater as they say. But that rejection could be viewed as a demand, a crying out, to look deeper than what is now being promoted by spiritual leaders in general. Lack of clarity is not limited to western religion or new age thinking, but also permeates hinduism, buddhism, etc. That deepest reality that all long for is highly elusive. Not only the mass mentality but sadly also spiritual figureheads of our time remain clueless. Even those spiritual scholars that ‘know all about it’, very rarely embody it. And those that believe they embody it have merely conformed to an overlay of behavior… a candy coating of behavioral modification and philosophical identity. What they think spirituality looks like and what it actually IS are radically different. That confusion sends humanity running off in countless directions chasing the mirages of their choosing. Yet in spite of all of this, very few are willing to take the time to look deeper. There is far more interest in reinforcing current convictions than there is in seeing beyond them.

  7. I tried to not listen to the court case because I was “afraid” it would turn into a huge national drama and did not want that in my life. Then when the case was finished I was amazed of the continued distraction. I felt the media’s presentation was so polarizing there could be no healing for anyone. I talk with many people around the U.S. and the case was the topic, and each person voicing a strong opinion. Through all the talk, it made me aware of what a task Bramarshi is taking on for all us. Thank you.