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I received the following question:

"I’m always interested in health and food, etc. I have recently come across information about hybrid and electric foods. Apparently, a lot of foods are a cross between different foods, like carrots, cauliflower, beans, seedless grapes, etc.

"I don’t know what your thoughts are on this. Can it be harmful to try to eat only food in their natural form? I’m wondering, because I believe there wouldn’t be much left to eat. I’m amazed at how many foods have been played with (besides GMOs and pesticides)!"

My response:

The DNA of our food is like the Veda… nature. Breaking it up with engineering is harmful and will result in many weird and undiagnosed diseases.

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  1. I would think, the only way to avoid any genetically modified food, oils or beverages, is to grow your own, fruits included, with heirloom seeds. And drinking nothing but spring water. Even grains, legumes, and if you can find free-range organic meat what are the parents lineage? They probably had been eating GMO, and unmentioned animal byproducts in their grains. What weed killers do you use, Miracle Gro?

    In this day and age, I would think, it’d be extremely difficult to avoid eating or drinking anything that hasn’t involved genetic or molecular modification.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Yes, you are right. Life is like that in so many ways.. Isn’t it? All we can do is our best.

  3. Seems to me that the DNA of our bodies is already broken up by foods, lifestyle, our notions, our genetic and cultural heritage. Thank you for reintroducing us to the Vedas; they soothe my being on so many levels.

  4. I like your response. It is simple and direct to the point. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the response Michael.

    I saw a list what are real foods not crossbreeds its a very short list, the things i thought real foods like carrots sweet potato are all ‘made’.
    Like carrots arent orange in colour, even when they are organic its not a food how nature made it, its really to bad we came this far.

  6. I enjoyed Charlotte’s comment. I like to believe our DNA has some resistance to the insults we impose.

  7. Yes Michael, what came to mind, as you’ve said, just be easy with it and do our best.

    I enjoyed Charlotte’s comment also.

  8. About hybrid foods i think with all due respect you misunderstood me in my previous question, you ever here off hybrid foods like potato spinach broccoli garlic those foods actually dont exist in nature they are crossbreeds, there are people witch say those foods are not healhy for us, even if they are bio, they say they are acidic and not alkaline, and should be avoided, like beets and carrots are made in holland, and a whole lot off foods, beans are made in england so on so on, what do you think about this.
    This for me turn the whole health thing a bit upside down.
    best regards

  9. A certain degree of hybridization happens naturally throughout nature. But then there are varying degrees of hybridization, some of which could be natural and fine, and some not. Knowing which is natural and which is unnatural is not easy to do because it is on a case by case basis. So, it makes some sense to avoid hybridization whenever possible.

    However, like I say about enlightenment, if you do everything you need to do for enlightenment, you don’t get enlightened, you go insane. In other words, too many rules get imposed. The same sort of thing occurs with diet. We take care to eat well, but we don’t get neurotic about the whole thing. Such neurosis imposes more stress upon the physiology than perhaps hybridization. Where to draw the line on this matter is what each individual needs to decide for themselves. The rule of thumb is, more natural is better, but we need to be realistic. Everything is a paradox.