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New Vedic Science and Vedic Arts PagesI recently added new sections to the website called "Vedic Science" and "Vedic Arts".

More pages will be added to these sections in the future.

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  1. Is it a reasonable understanding to view Devata as relationship with?

  2. Thank you for making this knowledge available

  3. Great topics. Can’t wait to read them.

  4. WOW!!
    This is exciting.
    Thank you

  5. Chick,
    yes indeed!

  6. Great, I have enjoyed the pages and look forward to more! Fantastic Knowledge, Thankyou.

  7. Looking forward to learning about more in all these areas. Thanks

  8. Is Devata what you sometimes refer to as “the gap between realities”, and where Truth resides?

  9. chick,
    the gap is smriti. From the perspective of texts, there are many smriti texts. I would welcome any elaboration on this from Vedic scholars.

  10. chick,
    I have been having a lot of fun studying the structure of the Veda. It is very profound knowledge. The problem with words like the ‘gap’ is they are not really specific. You could use ‘gap’ to go with Devata if you would like to coin the term that way. But I prefer to use it in reference to Smriti. But then again, Aranyakas can be referred to as what is in the gap between Mantras and Brahmanas and can be related to the Devata value. Smriti being memory can be related to the Rishi value as memory of the Self. I find it all fascinating. In a way it is like analyzing the reflections in a house of mirrors. One quality is seen in terms of the other, as the other, and as separate from the other… all at the same time. I do love it.

  11. Chick,
    One more thing.
    Many refer to all aspects of Veda that are Pureshea as Smriti. I do understand that since it is all built upon the memory of Apureshea. However, I prefer to view Smriti as what births the Pureshea aspects of Veda (and unifies Pureshea back to Apureshea). The Pureshea aspects of Veda then stand alone and distinct from Smriti when viewed from within themselves. One thing for sure, you can not resolve all this by googling the terms. There is a lot of confusion out there and on line. It is great to sit and discuss such things with Vedic scholars.

  12. Beautiful Knowledge!

  13. I wish I could understand what you are saying more. Perhaps as you write and talk about it more.

  14. Barbara,
    Without knowing and being comfortable with the terms it is impossible to follow. It took me years to really get into the structure of the Veda. So I do understand. I feel that even just reading about it does give some feeling for it, even without really understanding it. But once you start to understand it, the whole field is incredibly fascinating. There is an excellent Vedic scholar not too far away. I am hoping to have him come again to Mt Soma and get on stage with him to just discuss all of this. I would frequently take time to time summarize very simply what we are discussing. I asked Panditji to invite him. Evidently, the man already expressed desire to do it.

  15. Funny, after I sent that question, “smriti” came right to mind on reflection of last weekend’s lecture. Its fascinating how this Knowledge of the structure really excercises and stretches the awareness of abstraction.

    I often ponder the “wire mesh game” you tell about in Angels.

    I have always been fascinated by 3. I remember in high school waking up in the middle of nearly every night at 3:33. This went on for years.

    Check out this 3-minute video on the magic numbed:

  16. Like Barbara, I found that the terms you are using can be a bit confusing. But the definitions and examples you gave enlivened a feeling within me regarding the knowledge you are sharing. I find all this very fascinating and I’m very much looking forward to reading more of these blogs and learning more about the structure of the Veda. I’m thoroughly intrigued.

  17. After looking at the site and al the information there,I am amazed. What a prolific site, jam-packed with Knowledge.