Nine Days of Mother Divine Update

Mother DivineThese days at Mount Soma have been wonderful. The feeling of Mother Divine’s presence is exquisite. The fall colors and lovely October sky add to these magical days. Today we have the Durgasapthashati (Chandi) Havan at Mount Soma. It starts at 11:45 local time and lasts about five hours. It is extremely powerful and it all makes for one of my favorite days of the year!

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  1. Yesterday was a very full and powerful day. This havan is always my favorite. Most unbelievably, Gemma at almost 11 months, lasted through the havan!

  2. Yes, the Havan was awesome, as was the entire retreat. Another magical time at Mount Soma. Here’s to looking to the Deep Dive 🙂

  3. The whole 9 Days of Mother Divine built on one another, one day after the other. Each day we saw another aspect of the powerful nature of Creative Intelligence – personified as Mother Divine. Each aspect expressed a different quality of the nature of Consciousness – Creative Intelligence. For me, a sense of awe as well as comfort grew day after day seeing how those aspects were expressed as the different forms of Mother Divine.

  4. It’s eye opening for me to feel Mother Divine’s shakti at play. Everything emerges out of her love.