Nine Nights of Mother Divine

roseThe retreat ended yesterday.  How can I convey it to you?  Maybe we should have filmed a docudrama.  Though that would, at best, give a mere glimpse.

It was fantastic… so powerful… so amazing.  We should release the lecture series as a video set, though I do not know if that is feasible.  The pujas were incredible.  The five-hour havan moved heaven and earth… it defies description.  During it, I had the thought, “This will unleash immediate and explosive purification.”  And it did… tangible waves of purity radiating throughout the mountains.

Not only the ceremonies, not only the meditations, not only the lectures, not only the overwhelming enthusiasm of those visitors who did not even attend the course, but only came for an hour or a day… everything… the personal interactions, the children at play, the power of the temple altars, what it felt like to lie down to sleep at night, the crispness of the mornings, the stars in the still, quiet, motionless darkness of the night skies, the fall leaves, the palpable shakti permeating the air.

All I can say is that what we are doing is working.  Forward! Forward! Always forward!

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  1. So exciting, after so many years, lifetimes. Beautiful Brahmarshi.

    Jai Ram!

  2. What a beautiful description of such a profound, unfathomable experience.
    I am eternally grateful.

  3. During Mother Divine it felt like everything flowed so beautifully, melting away bad feelings from the past. I wish my life was like that all the time. Thank you Brahmarshi for creating something so rare and profound. I still don’t understand the mechanics of it all, but I can feel it working. Just amazing!

  4. I caught the last three days- all I can say is Mount Soma has come a long ways. I usually can feel progress of the resident’s evolution but this was the first time I felt the stability or coherence permeating the atmosphere. It definitely seemed like everyone was on the same page more than in the past. Wonderful.

    I did get shaken by the Durga puja after the 5 hour havan. Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, but it felt like I was worshipping a god outside myself. I’m not sure where to go with this.

  5. Jai Guru Dev

  6. Mother Divine Retreat came and gone. Last year’s Mother Divine Retreat had profound impact on me. It brought me here to the Ashram Program. As I was trying to reflect upon the impact this time, I couldn’t quite put it in words initially. Little did I know that the intergration is still happening days after it was over!

    For the physical part, it wasn’t that exciting. I had a hard time getting up yesterday and fell asleep two rounds straight. My head was way behind me for half of the day. By mid-day I was my old self again. Last time I felt this way was during the first week I arrived at Mount Soma. So I attributed it to energy shock.

    What intrigued me was the following experiences. Firstly, I was reading Free Will vs. Predetermination for the 2nd or 3rd time last night. When I read to “Sequentiality is like a deck of simultaneously existing cards spread out over the face of the illusion of time. Time is a superficial expression of the Transcendent” I felt something new, as if I can see the sense of it. But I knew i ddidn’t get it and still don’t. So I just let it go. The next experience was listening to Rig Veda this evening. It felt extra soothing and nurturing than before. I raised my eyebrows and thought no more until later tonight when I read Darwinism/Intelligent Design(Creationism.) The words “what you are, in your essence, what everything is, in its essence, is the same one thing – the Unified Field” are making more sense to me than before. I couldn’t contain my fascination! I had to write something.

    During the Maha Lakshmi Havan, there were few moments I spaced out, feeling the familiarity of the ceremony, life times ago. I don’t know how to describe the sense of stillness and fullness.

    Thanks Brahmarshi for propelling me forward, forward, and forward!

  7. Mark spoke of transference and conditioning ask he experienced it. Very well said. Also his experience of Self as other… after all, remember that it is all done with mirrors. “-)
    Rayshan nicely described her experience of purification and the resultant sleepiness, etc. After that powerful retreat, I think we all could use some well deserved rest.
    Everyones comments were lovely.