October 2012, A Special Time for Mount Soma

mount somaThe Nine Days of Mother Divine this fall will be very special for Mount Soma.

The feeling here is building exponentially.  More and more people are coming for lectures and visits.  The Student Union will be finished and ready for the Nine Days of Mother Divine.

Ever since I was thirty years old, jyotishis have been telling me that the time of my Jupiter Dasa, which will begin this year during the Nine Days, will be a time of great success and abundance, a time when our goal of Mount Soma will fully blossom.

It marks the transition from a long period of challenges and obstacles (Rahu Dasa) to a time of fulfillment.  One never knows what the future holds and we will have to see. However, this time of great transition merits our attention and celebration.  I feel it is no coincidence that it comes during the Nine Days of Mother Divine and the opening of the Student Union.

The build up of Divine Energy here is palpable.  Come witness and enjoy with us this historic event… this moment of great transition!

Be here as we usher in the enlightened age that so many have foreseen for so many millennia.

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  1. Well, it is not coincidence at all, I will bring 12 chinese speaking students come to Mount soma pay you and Mount soma the highest respect. 4 of them comes from the Mainland China ( not easy to get the Visa to come to USA, but somehow, they got it),one from Taiwan, they are all benefit from your knowledge even they do not understand English at all with deep rooted Chinese culture. All I can say is thanks , thanks, and thanks. you and Tanja as well. for sure, The name and the energy it represents of Mount Soma wide be wide spread as you wish.

  2. Working to get there, heart and soul.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  3. Brahmarshi that is awesome and miraculous. Lorna that is so exciting (it makes me think of how on a deep feeling level all of this transcends language). Marty hope your move went well, or is in the orocess of going well.

    To stop and think of all the people who contributed to this outcome is so very touching,overwhelming. With all that is going on in the world, even just this day listening to the radio with a heavy heart, it is so elemental that Mount Soma is living and breathing. I bow before you Brahmarshi, and I am so full of gratitude for every person’s touch in the manifestation. Jai Guru Dev. (Ashram-ites, you especially rock! I wish I were there right now.) Thank you.

  4. and I am sorry I wanted to add with Jai Guru Dev, Jai Ma! ( I am not sure how to refer to her)

  5. What an honor it is to be welcome at such a magical place! I might not know at this time why my karma is such that allows me to know that however the fact that I know is all that matters.

  6. Hm my Jupiter Dasa starts October of next year. Very interesting things going around. Quite thankful to be so close to this unfolding process.

  7. Please note that the first couple of years af Jupiter Dasa, things are just ‘warming up.’ It does not really get going until after the first two years.