On Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

PatanjaliHear not just with the ears but with the whole body.
Touch not just with the fingertips but with the whole body.
See not just with the eyes but with the whole body.
Taste not just with the tongue but with the whole body.
Smell not just with the nose but with the whole body.

Consciousness is Consciousness
The body is Intellect.

The mind is gap between Consciousness and the Intellect, the dance between the Breath of Consciousness and the multiplicity Consciousness births. Knower is Consciousness. Known is Intellect. Process of Knowing is mind.

When the Knower is not lost to the Known, the mind is Cosmic Mind.
Then the Knowner, the Known, and the Process of Knowing are seen as one and the same… the Samhita of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas.

When the Knower is lost to the Known, the mind is individual awareness.
When the Knower is lost to the Known, karma is born and the mind becomes the dance between Prana (the Breath of Consciousness) and Karma.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful dance! I kept alternating between intense and subtle..complicated and clarity.So much work to do..yet seems so effortless. Onward I go

  2. This blog is perfect. It gives so many insights into working with the sutras.

  3. What a beautiful description of the many layers of the dance!

  4. I wrote this thinking of the advanced techniques. I am so enjoying the process of giving them to the ashram people. Doing them is wonderful. Teaching them adds so much to my life. It is a great privilege.

  5. that’s going to take some thought…

  6. Your words touched the place where words can’t describe. Yet the advanced techniques you are teaching us now gave us the opportunities to directly experience that place. I am enjoying this learning process! Gratitude to you!