On Vedanta

Ninety percent of what you hear is not true… and you cannot rely on the other ten percent.
Up is down.
Right is left.
Good is bad.
Happy is sad.

Only He sees, but He says nothing… He has no opinion… He makes no comment.
Only He knows…

Pure Isness… is Infinite wisdom.
Pure Knowingness… knows no thing.
Pure Knowingness has no edge… no handle… no perspective… free… pure infinite emancipation…
All things dissolve into no thing.

He is neither He nor She nor both nor neither.

You find Him within you… as You.
And at that moment, you see that He is far beyond the you that you thought you knew.

He lies beyond all that is, yet He exists within all that is.
He is all that is… the beginning… the end… and the middle.
Yet He is beyond the beginning, the end, and the middle.

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© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


  1. I love deep reflective poetry in the morning…well anytime. Perfect pairing with the art, full of paradoxical images. How can it exist simultaneously and yet it does. Thank you, my guru, for the reminder.

  2. Beautiful-someday I hope I’m brave enough to swim in the ocean of my being!

  3. I am not sure I was ready to be nudged off the safety of the edge this morning..oh well..into my day spinning I go:)

  4. Beautiful. Helpful today.


  5. Thank you Bramarshi! What a great blog!

  6. Wow! Mind bending blog and mind thoughtful picture your daughter created! Wow, again!

  7. Vedanta is so fiercely pure. I love how it just forces me to ponder. “Up is down. Right is left.” I can’t make heads nor tails of it logically. All I can do is ponder and reflect, in awe and humility.

  8. Brahmarshi..I love the idea of Pure Isness but I struggle with the idea of becoming odorless, tasteless and frictionless in today’s world of hustle and struggle to achieve and stand out. How do we reflect on Vedanta in our day to day struggles in the world as we set out to lay down the path of our Dharma in a world of Good is Bad?

  9. Is the art Jaya’s?

  10. Yes,
    my daughter Jaya did the artwork.