Our Gift to You

The Bhagavad Gita is like a small cup that holds the seed of all knowledge.

The day before yesterday at the temple during Vykuntha Ekadasi, Pandit Prasad chanted one verse from the Gita containing the essence of that seed.

We offer the world Mount Soma… a place where one can come with no knowledge of that essence and leave a day later having awakened to it.

Once that essence is awakened, enlightenment is not so far away.





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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! How very fortunate we are to have that seed sprouting inside us, and how very fortunate we are to having Brahmarshi as our guiding light.

    Jai Guru Dev

  2. Merry Christmas, love, joy, and peace to all. God Bless Mount Soma amd Brahmarshi

  3. Merry Christmas all, from NJ.

  4. Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m so thankful to be living at the “seed” of Mount Soma! It’s amazing. Jai Guru Dev!

  5. And to all a good Light! Thank you for making the time for these daily posts Brahmarishi. I feel myself blessed.

  6. The gift of Mount Soma is much much too large for any chimney and more subtle than the finest of crystal ornaments. Thank you for that gift Brahmarshi and to all there that keep it moving forward.
    I will hold that gift loosely and honor its existence with all that I am.
    Happy New Year Too

  7. Jai Śiva Śaṅkara

  8. Which verse from the Gita? I’d like to read the English translation.

  9. According to Pandit Prasad, the verse from the Gita is:

    Yathra Yogeshwarah Krishno Yathra Partho Dhanurdharahat Tathra Shrirvijayo Bhoothihi Dhruvani Thirmathirmama

    Meaning of first part:
    Yogi Krishna meditating in Unity with a high state of Consciousness and Arjuna with the bow and arrows.
    Deeper meaning of first part:
    Unity and Peace and Enlightenment vs. face the problems and fight (there is a place for both in life)

    Meaning of second part:
    Those who feel in their mind the Krishna quality and the Arjuna quality will receive total abundance and victory inside and outside.

  10. For those who would like further explanation and commentary on the meaning of this verse, you are invited to read, study or attend any of our classes or events at Mount Soma. Any and all knowledge of life and existence is contained in seed form in the verse. It speaks of the nature and direction of all that is. To have an intellectual understanding of that is a good beginning. Of course, to truly understand the verse is to awaken to that most profound level of life.

  11. In 1 visit at mount soma you can get the essence and than englightment is not far away sounds very nice.

  12. Harry in my reading recommended reading ten minutes of the Bhagavad Gita every morning. I have to start agaim, it got a little chaotic in RI.

    Happy New Years to everyone from my temp abode in NJ with my sis in law and nephew. Major Sandy devastation here.

    Will see everyone soon, please save a space in the ashram for me. I am coming home. Jaia Guru Dev.

  13. Happy New Year everyone. deep thanks to Brahmarshi and Tanja .

  14. Thank you Barbara and Brahmarshi. I appreciate hearing the verse. The deeper meaning of the verse makes all the difference in my understanding.