Pandit School for Boys

pandit boyWe are delighted to announce that today we have begun our School for Pandit boys in South India.

Though Sri Somesvara is central, there is much more to creating a Unified Field Generator than just the temple.  The city around it and the type of activities are all essential parts.

It is also essential that the pandits are world men. They must maintain and feed their own cultural integrity while seamlessly interacting with global communities throughout the world.

Today marks the day when we begin their training program.  This is a time for celebration!  The significance cannot be overstated.  In time, we plan to bring the boys to Mount Soma for several months each year.

More information about the program will come soon.

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  1. We are hoping that you can start Veda training for boys here in the US. Perhaps a summer camp?

  2. Jai Siva Sankara!

  3. Yes, we do intend to begin such a school for boys here at Mount Soma. Pandit Prasad is highly qualified to head it. Really at this point it is just a matter of getting the funding. Certainly I would be more than happy to donate the land and my time. It will happen. I am doing all that I can to see that it happens as soon as possible.

  4. Starting a pundit school is deeply touching and resonating with my heart. I’m beginning to feel in a more tangible way what you mean by Unified Field Generator. Quite humbling already even though I’m sure there are plenty of deeper levels of understanding of it.

    Thank you!

  5. Jai Guru Dev!

  6. Congratulations, Maharshi for the founding of the Pandit School for Boys, and your far-seeing vision to “dig the well before we’re thirsty”.