Parents & Child Summer Retreat

shivaI routinely visit Sri Somesvara temple in the early morning. This morning, Lord Shiva appeared in full lotus on the linga as per the picture shown here.  I remember the time when, as a youngster, I would have thought this was mere coincidence.

The forms of God are not arbitrary.  They are mathematically precise. Vedic knowledge includes the heart and the mind… the art and the science… the music and the mathematics.  Please convey this to your children, in words that they will understand.

I am available to help with this.  Hopefully, we will offer a course this summer for parents and children to convey the profound depth of Vedic knowledge in terms that modern mentality can comprehend.

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  1. We look forward to this course! I do think J understands this. We all appreciate your teachings

  2. Sorry, that doesn’t sound quite right. What I meant to say is that J has an idea of and is forming an understanding of the forms of God, and what the Veda is. As some identify as Christian, he identifies as Vedic. We look forward to learning together. What a fantastic idea.

  3. Fantastic idea. So, is there a specific time when this retreat will occur? Alot of summer planning has been locked down for most families.
    Or, if the parents and childern show up whenever they can would you be available to talk with the childern during their visit to Mount Soma? I know having a scheduled time for all to come is much more efficient for you but if i bring my boys and make the pilgrimage again would you make time to talk with them? This would make a great series of youtube videos…brief talk and then childern q&a… The Magic garden lectures… Beautiful!

    All the best…

  4. Just last night Parker was talking to me about Mt. Soma and the temple. He very much likes being out at Mt. Soma but the temple is “just so boring”. I responded “I know it can be boring, I understand that, but the temple isn’t just a building up on the hill, it’s an aspect of a place inside you that you can wake up to by visiting it.” I’m not sure if that was accurate or not. It was a bit of a stretch for him, but he kept asking questions. He wanted to know about Ganesha and we continued to talk about the deities and how they are also aspects of you “deep down inside”. We talked about Ganesha being the remover of obstacles and I explained how elephants have great memories and great strength. They are capable of knocking down trees and clearing paths right through the forest. He was very surprised to hear how strong an elephant was. It was a sweet talk but a more guided approach from you would be most helpful in helping me and the children to connect the dots between the temple and waking up to it within ourselves.

  5. Maharshi, is it wrong to ‘identify’ as Vedic? Is this forming identity in the negative sense? Jake understands that the Veda is what underlies all of the world’s religions. He is diplomatic in his daily life in his environment, and often quotes something he heard you say: “Jesus was great!” It bothers him that he is unable to express the beliefs and understandings that he is developing as he respects the beliefs of those around him.

    Martha, your conversation with Parker is beautiful!

  6. Any help would be appreciated. I sure am terrible at it. The closest thought and feeling I can come up with is “Rejuvenating.” How do I teach what I did as a child without being taught?

  7. We will look at the schedule and try to firm up plans.

  8. Hopefully there will be a weekend during the school year as this summer is booked already.

  9. Oh I love this idea!!! Unfortunately it is the first year we will be unable to attend the summer retreat. I literally feel sick when I think about it. It has and is a priority for us to get there. But this summer is just not possible. Will the tapes for this be available as the adult courses are? I absolutely do not want my kids to miss this!!!!! I have been hoping and waiting for just this. My kids love the knowledge and we have in depth discussions regarding the topics they hear from my class tapes. It just makes obvious sense to them. It’s such a daily part of our lives. I would love it on audio or video. Either would work for my kids as we regularly listen to Brahmarshi’s class tapes in the car anyway! My boys cried when I told them we couldn’t go to Mount Soma this summer. I know how they feel.