Post Mahashivarathri

The past 48 hours were among the most significant of my life.  Huge transformation.  This Mahashivarathri at Mount Soma was truly incredible.

The temple was powerful… beautiful… profound.  All of Mount Soma was permeated with an indescribable feeling of significance… full, alive, dynamic, and deep.   Parked cars lined Mount Soma Boulevard and all parking lots were full and overflowing with cars.  People filled the buildings and grounds.  I spent a good deal of the time in deep meditation.  When not at the temple, the Ustream image continually ran on my computer.

As a child, each holiday had such a tangible feeling unique unto itself.  That richness was limitless and omnipresent here.  I spent time walking outside… a good distance from the temple, just to feel it from afar.  It seemed that hundreds and hundreds of yards of separation did nothing to lessen its influence.  I walked in an aura of undeniable Divine Radiance.

It is happening.  What a great time to be alive…



See the pictures from the weekend.

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  1. Mahashivarathri was incredible! It was awesome to see so many guests enjoying themselves so much. Everyone was so excited, and many of them seemed to be getting Mount Soma on a deeper level. They raved about about everything that is going on here, and applauded all the work that Maharshi and others have put in to make this place great. I feel very blessed to have been a part of it all.

    Jai Guru Dev!

  2. Beautiful indeed!

  3. Thank you to _everyone_ responsible for building this place and making all of it possible.

    Pundit Prasad and Lakshmi your grace and strength and devotion are always humbling to me. I was raised RC and the rituals and words became very empty to me, and I have no idea most of the time what you are saying but it is the most beautiful sound/vibration on earth to me. When the woman sang at around 430 a.m her presence really was the sweetest icing on the cake.

    Brahmarshi thank you for your wisdom vision, dedication, strength, most esp. for your patience. I am trying hard, I want to help manifest your vision and dreams, and I stumble or conk out and at times am not sure exaclty what I am doing but I am never giving up, either. Thank you ashram peeps for putting up with me.

    We are so blessed. It is hard to write this or read it and not just sob. Jai Guru Dev.

    (It IS the time to be here. I know I only came when the Universe took pretty much everything in my life away even though I kept trying to get here, so I am not the best example of how to manifest getting to Mount Soma.. Please don’t wait. Get here.)

  4. Mahashivarathri was indeed beautiful. One moment that stands out in my memory is sitting outside of the temple doors on Sunday, selling puja kits. People inside were singing; my favorite was when Pandit Ji would chant/sing a line and everyone would chorus back. I felt as though I were inside the temple. The beautiful energy was just pouring out of the doors and washing me like a cleansing, nourishing stream with a strong but not overpowering current. I was content just to sit there and feel the deeper presence of what is always around, but especially powerful this weekend.

    I, too, am grateful to everyone for working together to make this happen. Sometimes it is quite challenging, but the closer we get to the center of that powerfully flowing stream, the easier it seems to let go of anything we hold onto that would impede Reality shining through. I feel that I am learning the true meaning of community; finally, after craving it my whole life. During afternoon meditation on Sunday, we ashramers were all so tired and delirious that we just laughed and laughed for a good 5-10 minutes before we could meditate, then started laughing again as soon as the round was over! That was a beautiful moment I will remember as well. This weekend (and all the work it took to get here) is a shining reminder of why I am so grateful to be living my life here, adding my time and energy to this AMAZING project/vision.

    Thank you Brahmarshi for leading our way.

  5. We stayed all day and overnight and the next day of Maha Sivarathri.

    What an awesome and blissful experience.

  6. …very powerful, very beautiful:)

  7. Profoundly transformative…reality changing. Too deep for words.

  8. I very much appreciate all the lovely comments from those who attended Mahashivaratri at Mount Soma. I would like to encourage more people who attended to comment. It is very heartwarming. It is also something you can do that helps this website and Mount Soma and costs nothing to do.