Rakshasa and Deva Tug of War

devaI was asked about Rakshasas and how they feel threatened by the rise of the Deva, Divinity value… to which I respond:

Divinity is the perfection out of which worldly existence is born. Beings in the world lose themselves to limited thinking… samskaras, conditioning. This is the Rakshasa value.  In Kali Yuga, that value permeates the hearts and minds of human beings. When those Rakshasa values are threatened, they feel threatened… they fight back.

The path of evolution is to stay with Divinity, to not get caught up in the Rakshasa value. Meditation is the most powerful tool to do so. Also, discernment is required to act wisely in life. Truth is more elusive than you may believe.  Echoes of Truth, perceived as Truth, hold Truth at bay for lifetimes. The Rakshasas uphold what they believe to be Truth. Ignore-ance ignores Truth and clings to samskaras, in the name of what it perceives as Truth. See?

A great healer once said, “I do not deal with disease, I deal with health.”  Healing means bringing forth health, not stamping out disease.  We bring forth light.  We do not try to stamp out darkness.  We do not worry ourselves with the darkness.  We stay with the light.

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  1. When the darkness and the negative values bubble to the surface I feel at least somewhat aware of what my mind is caught up in. Seems to me to be discernment when I can shift the thoughts. I remember when you told us not to do affirmations due to reinforcing the negative value on a deeper level. But when the darkness is right there on the surface of my mind, shifting to a positive thought on the same topic seems to be staying with the light. Still I wonder if I am being a Kali Yuga fool.

  2. Discernment in its highest form pushes the envelope beyond what is identifiable. It reaches for that which is just beyond your grasp. Once something is seen for what it is, discernment reaches past it, onward to the next horizon… ever wondering, ever questioning, ever pursuing, ever in awe, ever humble. Bottom lines are a fools folly.

    Positive thoughts can be with the light. We strive to be positive. Yet without discernment, positive thoughts can simply be a form of denial. The path is not clear cut. It is not neatly packaged. Yet many choose the neatly packaged… the simplistic way out. But it is in the final analysis not a way out, but a way to become more firmly entrenched in oblivion.

    Even the great Adi Shankara, after writing all his great commentaries on the Veda, insisted that he knew nothing.

  3. Brahmarshi: The last paragraph in this post is helpful and reassuring. Secondly, I am finally realizing the importance of discernment. I have heard you stress this for years. Although it remains a challenge to say the least, I realize, if done well, it can save us lifetimes, literally. Lastly, as I write this, I am aware of an inner desire/obsession to “hurry up and get it all figured out” so I can “graduate” in this lifetime. It amazes me how I think sometimes. The irony being, if I take my time and REALLY discern, and if I meditate properly, it will save me lifetimes in the process of evolving. I am somewhat amused by my crazy efforts to “make” things happen quickly.

  4. Well said Bill.
    Do not feel alone in that!

  5. I am right there with you Bill..on a daily basis.
    Thank you Brahmarshi

  6. Thanks Michael for telling me that. I am in good company! I wasn’t real thrilled putting that out there but it was quite an awareness for me to look at the intensity related to that perspective of fear, trying to get all “right.”My sense is, as Brahmarshi implies, we’re not alone. Thank you Brahmarsi for that reassurance.