Reading Minds, Cosmic and Otherwise

Why is it so hard to believe that the source of sentient beings is sentient?

We do not have the technology to read people’s minds. Nor do we have the technology to read the minds of the personified correlates, the quantum fluctuations, and patterns at the source of existence.

The technology to do so is based upon refinement of human awareness. That level of life was attained by the ancient seers. Their cognitions stand as proof of their validity. If only they were studied and understood.

This knowledge is subtle. As subtle as the nature of life and existence, for that is what it is… nature. It slips through the fingers of superficial understandings.

Reading Minds | Michael Mamas

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  1. A sweet and simply stated blog with such profound depth. You make the nature of life and existence a lovely thing to ponder.

  2. Lovely is a good word for it

  3. What a good question! It will take time to reflect just on this question.

  4. I have thought a lot about this blog. Reading minds and emotions seems natural, so natural that we just do it and don’t know it is happening. It feels like other people’s thoughts and feelings blend naturally with my own. That is why Dr. Michael Mamas’s teaching on discernment has been invaluable to me.