Reality, Perspectives, and the Shape of the Universe

Moon CrescentOver 20 years ago, while doing Sanyama on the moon, I first saw the shape of the universe. I described it in class like being shaped like a morning glory flower. Years later, I believe by virtue of the Hubble Telescope discoveries, scientists described the shape of the universe in the same manner, and it was represented as a picture on the cover of Discover Magazine.

Recently, I saw more deeply into it. Lord Shiva, while doing Sanyama on the moon, could be said to have manifested the universe. It overflowed out of his crown as the river Ganges, forming a fountain, shaped like a morning glory, with the crescent moon in his awareness. This has been depicted in traditional pictures of Lord Shiva.

That morning glory shape, however, represents only the thin veil of reality—what physicists might refer to as matter. Extending the petals of the morning glory all the way around creates a Linga-shaped object called Hiranyagarbha: the totality of the universe. Everything else (other than the morning glory itself) is composed of projection. This universe is almost entirely projection. This is not just an abstract concept, but a living, daily reality. We project onto one another and everything in creation, and consider that projection to be reality. Projection makes the world go ’round. Seeing beyond projection is called liberation—enlightenment.

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  1. Thank you for this blog!

  2. This is a very interesting blog. I don’t remember hearing about it before.

  3. Is it when in the state of no mind one can see beyond the projections?

  4. Hi Rayshan,
    That would depend on how one defines ‘no mind’. If it is defined as enlightenment the way we define ‘enlightenment’, then ‘yes’. Of course, then again, people define enlightenment a myriad of different ways as well.

  5. In this way we are connected to Shiva’s consciousness? Is our reality his projection or our own. Can they be separate? What if anything can we change or control? Can we choose the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

  6. On one level, yes we are call connected to Shiva. It is all Shiva. All is Shiva, including our reality and our projection. It is all His. On another level, our projections are our own. Can we choose? Really we can not choose… not really. Just as we can not choose our eye color and in so doing make the color change. Choice is just a concept, a notion, a viewpoint we may chose to cling to, but there is no real transformation there. The true transformation comes from the evolution of awareness as a physiological state of being. It is not just a simple choice, but a physiological transformation. By physiology here, we do not just mean of the physical body. We mean the full range of physiology which includes the totality from ones physical to ones transcendental being.

  7. Yes, The evolution of awareness. Thank you.