Seek True Knowledge

Truth is found only in the depth of your being.  Collectors of knowledge, Vedic or otherwise, will only have real Knowledge when they find it within themselves.

You are educated only when you have awoken to the place within that lies beyond the grasp of theories and philosophies.  ‘Knowing all about’ is a good beginning all too often mistaken for the goal.

Seek true Knowledge.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


  1. Images like this one is fuel for the soul to continue to move forward with my journey of discovery. This rock we live on is so beautiful and to imagine that someday I will know the source of that beauty from direct experience is just a bit a very good way:)
    Thank you journey would be incredibly more confusing without your help!

  2. Yes, the picture is lovely. Tanja took it a couple mornings ago from our front porch at Mount Soma.