leafA great saint was once asked why the universe manifested.  He responded by saying, “It didn’t.”

Everything is Oneness, Consciousness.  There is no “other.” When the oneness of Consciousness became conscious of itself, it was perceived as ‘other.’  This is called “Maya,” illusion, the illusion of separation.  Inherent in the nature of separation is some discomfort, some pinch, a longing to unify, i.e., to come back into balance, to return to oneness.  It is the power of Maya that created this universe and compels it to move.  It is the gravitational force that returns all to oneness that keeps the universe in motion.  That force is called Shakthi.

Shakthi is everywhere.  Shiva is Consciousness.  Shakthi is the consort of Shiva… the power that compels the universe to move.  The entire universe can be viewed as the dance between Shiva and Shakthi, the male and female principles.

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  1. Such momentous simplicity! And here we are!

  2. Exquisitely cool

  3. This helps me get my head around the concept much better than any other description I’ve heard. Thank you.

  4. Great blog, thank you! I especially love the part about Shakthi.

  5. and would this be the same power that is between Nandi and Hanuman? The enegy that is felt between the temple and Nandi?

  6. Lori,
    Everything can be seen as Shiva/Shakti.

  7. Can it be viewed as Yang and Yin in Taoism?

  8. Rayshan,
    Yes… and five elements, nine grahas, etc. just as many patterns can be seen in the same one snowflake… every pattern accounting for every particle in the snowflake.