Shaktipat, the Blessings of the Guru

Early Saturday morning, it was really windy at Mount Soma. While doing Pradakshina outside around the Navagrahas, the wind slapped a fall leaf right into my face. Spontaneously searching for the symbolism, I asked myself, “Was that a Shaktipat blessing or a reprimand?” Immediately the answer came: “There really isn’t any difference.” If perceived properly, a reprimand is a purificatory rite. When heard and received, it purifies the awareness. The Karma has been delivered, clearing away for a deeper relationship with life. When you stop and think about it, that’s pretty much a definition for “Shaktipat.” As I’m fond of saying, “It’s not so much about the thing, but your relationship with the thing.” Shaktipat is not nearly as effective when we’re not open to it. Shaktipat comes in many forms: a moment of insight, the touch of the Guru, or conceivably even the slap of a fall leaf.

After all, the Guru’s nature is one with your true nature, is one with Mother Nature. The Guru then gives his blessings in many ways. Saturn is the influence of the Guru through life’s lessons, through our experiences with life and all of nature. Everything is just as profound, as is our ability to hear it, to see it, to know it.

Of course, we can make moods around this sort of thing which is called “projection.” On the other hand, we can see more deeply into things than what may be self-evident to most on the surface. When seen clearly and deeply, it’s called “perception.” Projection considers perception to be projection.

Mahanandi Park, Mount Soma

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  1. This is such a clear yet profound explanation. It helps my understanding of shaktipat, and occurrences we might not perceive as such. Thank you.

  2. What an amazing blog and photo! Thank you.

  3. I am beyond words.

    Jai Guru Dev

  4. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Especially you explanation of how a reprimand can purify the awareness if perceived correctly and how it and shaktipat can be one in the same. Thank you.

  5. I love this. Often in working with my clients, we try and reframe difficult situations as messengers and cultivate the ability toward the ‘message’ with curiosity and openness. I love this new framework as these lessons being shaktiput from the universe. So elegant. Thank you

  6. This blog really resonates. Thank you. Would you say that shaktipat and omens can sometimes be the same thing then (in case of the leaf for example or similar occurrences)?

  7. Aaaah. This is beautiful. “If perceived properly a reprimand is a purificatory right”. This feels like the key to something inside me! Thank you.

  8. I posted a new blog in response to Marion’s question:

    “Would you say that Shaktipat and omens can sometimes be the same thing then (in case of the leaf for example or similar occurrences)?”

    Read the blog: Omens and Shaktipat