Silhouette, Outline, Form, Smriti and Pureshea

Smriti and Pureshea | Michael MamasLetters on a white page are defined by the shape of the letters. They are also defined by the white surrounding the letters. Similarly, Smriti defines the Pureshea aspects of Vedic Knowledge. So it is reasonable to call all things Pureshea (Vedangas for example) Smriti. Or is it? Is the white background the letters? Or are the letters the letters?

The structure of the Veda is like a crystal. It is like a house of mirrors. Everything is seen in everything else. Does the reflection carry the meaning? Is the reflection more the mirror than the mirror is? Of course, we must not take the analogy of the mirror too far. However, it does, I believe give a feeling for the structure of existence. All aspects of existence are mirror images of one and other. Existence can be viewed as a magnificent crystal.

Smriti is fascinating.

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  1. The first paragraph here is beautiful, but requires some understanding of Smriti and Pureshea to follow. Essentially it is addressing the nature of reality, of existence. For those not well versed in this, I can go over it in a class if you would like. It is all really quite exquisite.

  2. “Is the white background the letters? Or are the letters the letters?”

    I love the thoughts this sentence evokes. It makes me smile. Great blog.

  3. Thank you!

  4. From this blog, the feeling I pick up for the structure of existence is “fun.” It feels like Existence is playing hide-and-seek, funhouse mirror, and a million other games with Itself.

  5. To me it feels like the letters and the white background are in a dance, like all of life. Just, who is looking, from what perspective.
    Thank you

  6. we can look at the analogy different ways, can’t we.
    Martha, bring it up in class if you want and we can talk about it.
    For now, it is just something to reflect upon.
    After all, it’s all done with mirrors.
    …sorry for the pun… couldn’t help myself…

  7. Reading between the lines,the value of space,and contrast & paradox has been coming up a lot for me lately. My mind just went to a braille writing,what does the space feel like? And although this might be on a physical level,what does the space feel like around different words? Good tilling here, thanks.

  8. I find this all very reflective.