Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma Visit

Sri Samavedam Shanmukha SarmaI was very impressed and moved by Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma.  He is an incredibly kind, warm-hearted, and sincere man of great knowledge.  Barbara and Lakshmi wrote the following:

Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma visited Mount Soma recently. He is very well known and respected.  For those of you who are not familiar with him, some information is HERE:

Upon sitting and talking with Maharshi and hearing of Maharshi’s vision and message, he invited Maharshi to join him on a speaking tour in South India, which Maharshi immediately accepted.  He also wants to stay longer at Mount Soma and suggested bringing a group of his students to Mount Soma to stay for a retreat.  He said he would start mobilizing groups of people to start meeting and staying at Mount Soma.

He was very impressed with Maharshi’s knowledge and ability to communicate it.  He and Maharshi obviously felt a strong connection.

He was also impressed with Sri Somesvara Temple.  He said the energy of the Shiva Linga is very powerful. It reminded him of the red granite at the Balaji Temple in Tirupathi.  He also remarked on the power of Sri Hanuman.

Sri Sarmaji commented on the wonderful combination of Maharshi and Pandit Prasad.  He appreciated the teamwork of Maharshi’s ashram and students, and their dedication to their Guru and God, as well as Lakshmi (Panditji’s wife) and how she supports Mount Soma.

Sri Sarmaji loved the mountains and enjoyed nature’s beauty.  He said he would like to stay for some time at Mount Soma to do sadhana.

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  1. It was so beautiful to meet Sri Sarmaji, to witness his and Maharshiji’s conversation and connection, and Panditji and Ms. Lakshmi… Everyone lit up with delight, respect, and affection. I look forward to the events and visits that will unfold from this meeting.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the last two video’s. It feels so sweet to end it with this blog. I can feel the beauty between Maharshi and Pandit and everyone at Mt Soma. It feels history is being made. Sometimes you don’t realize what you are a part of until someone else notices or puts it into words.

  3. Jai Guru Dev!

  4. Beautiful. This is very exciting for Brahmarshi and all he has worked so steadfastly towards the past 20 years. I look forward to being at Mt Soma to assist all that have and are contributing to Brahmarshi’s vision for us all.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  5. I get chills!!!

  6. This past week at Mount Soma has been pretty incredible. Sri Samadevam’s visit was awesome! He had a very sweet feeling, and a depth in his eyes. The connection between him and Maharshi seemed eternal, and I have a great feeling about them working together in service of humanity.

    This past weekend was seriously intense. It was Mount Soma’s busiest weekend ever in terms of meals served, and the Union was packed with guests. It made me think about the coming few months. With Class, Retreat, Guru Permina, Shravan Maas, Labor Day, and Mother Divine all on their way, the busy season is here, and it isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

    All of it makes me reflect upon spiritual evolution. Maharshi teaches us that meditation is our most powerful engine. And while that is certainly true, I can’t help but feel like these super busy summer months are the most evolutionary months to be at Mount Soma. Of course it is impossible to compare months filled with deep meditation to months filled with deep activity, but I feel like the deep activity is even more evolutionary. Maybe that is the case for me? Maybe the most challenging times are also the most evolutionary…

  7. Lovely comments…
    As you know, evolution is about integration of the depth with the surface. Summer is a time of activity… yet each day through deep meditation, it is integrated with the depth. There are major and minor cycles of rest and activity… the depth with the surface. A larger cycle is the summer of activity with the winter of more meditation. There will be larger cycles emerging in the future. Everything about the ashram program is for your evolution.

  8. Hi All

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