moonPandit Prasad made the following comments about the Supermoon.  They are excellent and I am passing them on to you here.

  1. With a Supermoon, the earth is closer to the moon, bringing more soma; and the moon is closer to the sun, bringing more agni.
  2. During a full moon, especially during a Supermoon, the tide comes in and there are bigger waves.  The same happens to the emotions, which is why there is more lunacy on full moons.  The moon influences emotions, will, and mind.  This choppiness happens on new moons and full moons – people are affected by both.  Brilliant moons are more upsetting than less brilliant ones.
  3. The influence of this Supermoon started on Friday and the moon was brightest and biggest on Sunday afternoon around 2 pm EDT.  This is why this weekend was a difficult one for many.
  4. This Supermoon affects the rest of 2012.  It also influences all the planets.  It especially affects those with a debilitated moon in their Jyotish chart.
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  1. Wow, I have to say that this blog really hits home and matches my experience. I have a debilitated moon in lagna, and I have been feeling especially emotional…. a lot of purification. That said, I have been feeling extra emotional for the past 6 months and I am sure starting Sade Sati, and having Rahu transit my moon, mars, and ascendant has a strong effect as well. I guess it just feels like a lot to handle some times. Thank god I am at Mount Soma being supported by family. Thanks Everybody!!!

    Jai Guru Dev

  2. I often feel clearer and happier around a full moon and more deeply aligned with nature. I suppose this is also reflected in the moon’s position in my chart. I have moon in the 10th in Sagittarius. I am interested in knowing more about this opposite effect.

  3. Maharshi, thank you for the insight and clarifications.

  4. Thank you Pt Prasad and Maharshi.

    Jai Siva Sankara.

  5. Is it the supermoon that influences the emotions and stirs them up or is it that it shines a light on the emotions and it is the individual’s attachments, expectations… Karma that causes the stir?

  6. Marianne,
    Everything is infinitely correlated. Either could be viewed as the cause. The Moon is not really the Moon. It is an expression, a mapping, a manifestation, of the [Moon] fundamental operator at the depth of existence. Our solar system is a mapping [a parallel] of the mechanics occuring at the depth of existence. Everything maps on to everything else… an infinite number of ‘parallel universes’ all superimposed upon one and other.

    So the influence of the Moon can be viewed on many different levels each level having its own reality… its own perspective.. see? It is fine to view it as if the Moon in the sky is exerting an influence upon us. Just as it can be viewed as the cause of the tides. That is quite valid on a particular level. Conversely one could say that the Moon phases and the tides are expressions of a deeper, more all pervading mechanic. This would apply to the tides of emotions as well. See?

    This reminds me of a person that questioned the law of karma thusly, “So if an airplane crashes, every person on that plan was ‘meant to be’ on that plan? ” The answer to that on a very deep level is a definite, “yes.” Everything is infinitely correlated, seamless, all encompassing.

    Physicists tell us that the universe is a Riemann sphere. Every point can be viewed as the center. You are the center of the universe. So is the dust under you bed. All is God. The question is not whether or not this is so. The question is: Can you read the mapping? An infinite number of wholenesses, all superimposed. Each with a unique reality, seemlessing in harmony with all the others. This will become self evident, your direct perception, at a particular level of consciousness.

  7. Thank you Maharshi and Pundit Prasad for the comments. For me it’s good to reflect on those simultaneously existing influences a lot more. It touches something within myself that feels similar to when you (Maharshi) are talking about Paradox. Something can rest within myself and relax into that even though on the surface it seems contradictory. It feels very freeing. I guess it’s because my linear thinking is temporarily on the sidelines in those moments.

  8. …ich guess more acurately…”simultaneously existing REALITIES”…not just influences

  9. Yes, thank you for the review! My question stemmed from noticing that some had difficulty on the mentioned weekend and others not, forgetting to note the point of view is just one point. Thanks for the reminder!