The swastika is an ancient sacred symbol.  For more information, click HERE  & HERE:

The seven stars of the Big Dipper map on to (correlate with) the seven SaptaRishis. These Rishis are the upholders of Natural Law. Natural Law means Dharma.

In the course of a day, they complete 360 degree rotation of the stars around the north star (every 24 hours it happens).

However, in winter it is dark out at the opposite stage of the rotation than in the summer. In other words, the stars seen in the middle of the night are up in the middle of the day six months later. This is because the Earth rotates around the Sun. So through the months at the same time of day, you are seeing the big dipper at a different stage of the 24 hour rotation. This of course occurs incrementally day after day as we progress through the year.

So through the four seasons, the SaptaRishis form a swastika in the sky.

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  3. I love this mapping! It gives a feeling of immense organizational power.

    It’s so cool that you can always find Polaris (the north star) by drawing a line from the two stars at the outer end of Ursa Major (the big dipper).

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    Everything is so connected.

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  7. Interesting to think about… Has anyone noticed Moon and Venus close together the past three mornings in the Eastern sky? Jupiter has been in the West with Mars in between. Fascinating…

  8. Really amazing! It is incredible how you come up with all these different mind-benders. Fun!

  9. Wow. This is fascinating! I’d like to hear more about the importance and meaning of the swastika.

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  13. How beautiful. I wonder if that is why the Native Americans used swastikas…

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    I will write a blog giving some more info on the swastika soon, hopefully in the next few days.

  15. Not to add more to the things you’re thinking about and bringing out…I’d like to know more about the seven (sapta) rishis and the function of each of them in upholding (enlivening, bringing out) Natural Law.

    Is their functioning mapped to the structure that we see in the sky? How do we under-stand that?

  16. Another of the great patterns in the sky, just one that in Western mythology we haven’t named. It does have me curious if India named constellations after gods.

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  18. This is really interesting, thank you for the explanation and understanding. the diagram really helps me visualize what your are saying.

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  20. It took me a couple days to follow up and go to the two links provided in this blog. They were worth it, and I had no idea about the movement to reclaim the swastika!