The Beach

beachMy family and I just returned from the beach yesterday.  Due to a cracked car wheel, a two-night jaunt became a five-night excursion.  It was a blessing to have the opportunity to really talk with my kids while bobbing in the ocean and walking the beach.  They grow up fast.  Time to share our thoughts and feelings is precious.

My favorite time at the beach is early morning.  Then the five elements seem to be in perfect balance.

Akasha (space), ruled by Vishnu, is the open sky above… cool and brisk in the early a.m.

Air, ruled by Surya, is delicately palpable as the rays of the sun twinkle the air and radiate gentle beams upon which Surya’s seven horses run… looking just like the pictures of Him on his chariot coming straight out of the sun.

Fire:  The rising sun creating a display of liquid golden clouds in the horizon… Mother Divine’s soft presence of celestial fire causing every beach goer to stop for a least a moment to gaze in awe.

Water:  Ganesh, the ocean, thrives before you… feeling His presence lively… abundant… dynamic… powerful, yet pacifying.

Earth: the solid sandy terra beneath your feet and between your toes connecting your being to solid earth… Shiva.

Walking on the beach pacifies the five elements within and all around you.

Returning home to Mount Soma was a joy.  The air was sweet, the mountains pristine, the vegetation lush and thriving.  Even my younger daughter smiled at how we all delighted and commented on the serenity of the mountains as we drove the last mile and through the gate upon our return home.

Shiva dwells in these mountains.  Parvati is known as the Goddess of the Mountains. Here, late at night and in the early morning, you can even feel Sat Yuga whispering the promise of its return.

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  1. Beautiful.

  2. Reading this infuses my being with a gentle, healing balm. And Mount Soma is such a mystical, magical place. I am so grateful it exists.

  3. gratefully bathing in the bliss~~~~~~~~~~~namaste

  4. Beautiful… I feel like this blog was for my sister. She loves the beach and the ocean. It is a place where the gravity of the transcendence can pull the most challenged soul under to enjoy it’s depth it’s peace it’s oneness… It Is a place that allows her to rest into the cosmic cushion much more freely then any place on earth. I can see much more clearly why now. Thank you!

  5. Jai Guru Dev

  6. Lovely and beautiful;-)

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. …beautiful…

  8. Thank you Brahmarshi..It is a blessing when simple words least for a moment..move us to a place in our minds of such serenity.
    Very beautiful

  9. Beautiful…I could feel it as you described it, as I read it.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  10. 🙂

  11. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for everything from this expression to your very existence.
    I am sad to miss you tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you Friday.

    With Love, Jasmine

  12. Oh what a lovely gift your words have given me this morning! Thank you!