The Big Picture

  1. The underlying basis of existence is pure Consciousness, what modern physics calls “the unified field.”
  2. Pure Consciousness = Is-ness. It is the stuff that thing-ness is made of… Like in a dream, everything is born out of Consciousness.
  3. Consciousness is conscious by its own nature.
  4. Before the manifestation of the universe (the world of things), what can Consciousness be conscious of? The only thing that exists: namely, itself.
  5. Consciousness becomes conscious of itself, and perceives it as other. Duality is born. That is why the universe is called the field of “Maya”… illusion… the domain where multiplicity is experienced as reality.
  6. Consciousness becomes aware of itself as other, and then becomes aware of those two things, and a third thing is born. The process goes on and on to unfold the field of multiplicity… This is called the universe, i.e., Creation.
  7. Modern physics calls this self-interaction of pure Consciousness “quantum mechanics,” the mechanics of the quantization of Oneness… the foundation of existence. Hindus call that level “the Veda.” It is simply Nature. Nature is born out of the nature of pure Consciousness.
  8. The structure of Nature is profoundly complex. People see various patterns in that structure, and call that limited perspective Truth. In reality, it is just one of many simultaneously valid, but contradictory paradigms. Paradox is the nature of existence. All such paradigms are superficial echoes… limited knowledge.
  9. Some call the texts about the knowledge of the Veda “secret doctrines,” thinking they can read them and know all the secrets of creation. But they are secret doctrines because even after people read them, the knowledge remains a secret to those people. Yet, those people believe they ‘get it.’
  10. The cosmic joke has many facets. One facet is that people think they get it, but they don’t. The joke is on them.
  11. Enlightenment is highly elusive: the razor’s edge.
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  1. Interesting..even after several years of hearing
    this,the excitement that emerges from it has not dwindled. In fact it has seemed to increase. Funny the way it is.