The Crystallization of Consciousness

Crystallization of Consciousness, by Michael MamasPure Consciousness is pure Is-ness. It is the ‘stuff’ this world of relative existence is made from.

Consciousness interacts with itself, views itself as other over and over again as the crystalline nature of existence unfolds. That is embodied by Yantras. There are an infinite number of identifiable patterns in the crystalline structure.  As ones awareness becomes free, all the patterns become lively, accessible, integrated and harmonized within the awareness. The time comes when it all crystalizes within ones awareness. It all comes together. It all unifies. One awakens to the big picture, the underlying basis which is Pure Consciousness. All the parts are experienced in perfect union, wholeness, integrations, coherence.

That is what is meant by “Before you become enlightened, you must experience everything.”

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  1. So Yantras help to awaken or enliven the crystalline structure of existence in your awareness. Are they Yantras you should not use for some reason?

  2. It is so easy to mis understand spiritual teachings and the mis apply them also. Thank you for the clarity that is in this article.

  3. That is Amazing?

  4. Crystal,
    Yantras could in theory be used like mantras. However, to view them for meditation is a more elusive technique. For one example, to keep the eyes open makes transcending less likely. So the technique of meditation lends itself better to mantras with eyes closed.
    Also, yantras must be handled and stored properly. For that reason, it is generally not recommended to have them in the home.

  5. Wow!

  6. Thanks for the information about having a Yantra in the home.

    I wasn’t thinking of them in terms of meditation but about the ceremonies where the pundits have created Yantras, like at the temple consecration.

    Another great blog!

  7. Hi Crystal,
    Yes, the proper use of yantras in yagyas is a subtle knowledge employed by the pandits. Each yantra has its specific proper uses.