The Cycle of the Ages

bird1The sun rises and sets.  The electron travels in waves, the pendulum swings.  The millennia cycle through ages, called yugas.  What scientists considered as constants in their formulas, they now realize change very gradually over time.  At critical points, those gradual changes bring about phase transitions, like when water slowly getting colder and colder at a particular point, transforms into ice.

When those laws of nature change, the next yuga is upon us.  It is not easy to imagine how vastly different other yugas are from our current yuga, and what the implications of those differences may be.  However, through fantasy we can allow our minds to go to a deeper level of knowing, thereby imagining the unimaginable.  We can access the place deep within where we are one with everything, where we know everything, where we can recall everything. Like the wicked witch who lives far off in the forest with her army of demons in the Wizard of Oz, ancient Vedic scripture refers to other yugas when negativity existed as demons (rakshasas) hidden deep in the forests.

In this yuga, negativity does not dwell in demons but in the hearts and minds of the people.  Such demons cannot be slain as in ancient times, but they can be purged.  The most powerful technique to attain that goal is proper meditation.  To learn the Surya Ram Meditation free of charge, click here.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Mamas for bringing this meditation into my life. It is so natural and easy. I remember before meeting you and learning this meditation I would try to stifle the negativity in my heart. I wanted to be a good person, so I tried to keep the demons at bay. Then the negativity started directing itself inward, which manifested as low self esteem. Over time through your teaching and doing the surya ram mediation every day— I have learned to somewhat distinguish between the negativity and the self. Because of it my life is so much better. I am still just learning how to navigate my life, but with this meditation it will only get better.

  2. I like blogs that encourage me to imagine. This one does. It’s fun to imagine what other yugas might have been like, and where future cycles may take us.

  3. I’m glad there is a link for how to learn the proper meditation. I hope many people find this link and take advantage of it.

  4. Very interesting what you are saying about the different yugas. It really does feel like another phase transition is upon us right now. Also, thank you for the link to the meditation. I will try it. I’m a bit confused about what you said about fantasy and imagination. I was under the impression that you can only access the Transcendent when you meditate. Is that not so? Also, isn’t there a difference between fantasy and imagination?

  5. This is another blog from Dr Mamas that make me think “WoW! Why isn’t this common knowledge?” Can you imagine how much the mentality of people would change if they just understood this one concept presented here??? Currently, the majority think of the passage of time as being linear instead of cyclical and of the laws of nature as “constants”. These misunderstandings contribute to generalized notions that humans are forever advancing and that we have nothing to learn from the past, like the science of meditation, for example, or the technology of a Vedic temple.

  6. I was just talking with some Mount Soma visitors the other day and the topic of the Yugas came up. It was interesting because they were taking a different perspective on the yugas, but they agreed that a period of Sat Yuga was coming. This made me think about my last trip to the Kuai Temple and how the monks were also viewing the Yugas differently, but were is agreement that Sat Yuga was coming. I hope that we are all right. It excites me to think about what the future holds.

  7. Thank you for your wisdom and your passion to heal. This meditation has changed my life.