The Fabric of Space Part 2

The Fabric of Space Part 2 - Michael MamasThe expansion of Knowledge has no end. I remember one day sitting in the temple and listening to the Pandits chant. It carried me to a new level of appreciation of the fabric of space, i.e. the Akasha. Interestingly, prior to that experience, if I heard someone describe that experience, I believe I would have felt I knew what they were talking about. However, it was just a deeper experience of the fabric of space than I ever had before. Or perhaps it was just a new perspective on an experience I had many times before. Or perhaps those are two ways of describing the same thing. A deeper experience is just a new perspective. But could you have had that deeper experience earlier? Was your physiology refined enough to do so at an earlier time?

It was as if I was just paying closer attention to something I had experienced many time before. Sort of like if you were sitting in a chair and didn’t really pay much attention to the texture of fabric even though you had noticed and felt it many times before. Once you pay attention to it in a new way, the appreciation deepens to the point that you find it hard to believe you had not really noticed it in that way earlier.

Many things are like that, particularly if you are meditating and therefore becoming more perceptive on deeper levels of your being. A new experience seems so natural that you can’t help but feel that you would have been able to experience it years earlier, if you just paid proper attention.

Experiencing the Fabric of Space, the Akasha, is like that. There is no end to the deepening of your experience of it as your physiology refines on deeper levels of your being. That is true of your experiences of everything, not just the Akasha. Yet finding the words to describe the difference does not seem possible. The words stay the same, they just take on a deeper more significant meaning.

The Akasha is everything. It is everywhere. The quality of the Akasha determines the quality of life. If the air is polluted, the quality of life suffers. The same is true of the Akasha only more so.

Ring a bell and feel the room as the sound gives way to silence. Sit with that feeling of the enlivened silence. That is the feeling of the Akasha. Then the next time you hear the pandits chant, feel into that Akasha. Notice how the space, the Akasha, thrills with the sound. Notice how it awakens and purifies, shines like a glimmering crystal. Notice how it is full, crisp, clear and energized.

Living in such a space is like living in an environment where the air is not polluted, only more so. The benefits over time can not be overstated. Now imagine a world where the Akasha is pure, clean, fresh, awakened, and alive. Vedic technology has the ability to purify the global Akasha. When the akasha is cleared, there is no pollution. When the akasha is cleared, world group consciousness is cleared. Ultimately, world peace and all good things then come to our planet. Group consciousness and the quality of the Akasha go hand in hand.

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  1. I had a special experience in the temple a couple of weeks ago when I found myself there all by myself for about a half hour in the middle of the day. I experienced a deep sense of the enlivened silence that I believe you are speakingo of, that has stayed with me since when I attune to it. Very different then what I have experienced before, or maybe I am having a new perspective on it. Wonderful to read your blog as it is putting words to my experience in such a beautiful way!

  2. This blog touches my heart in a big way. So many times I heard Michael Mamas say the exact same words but they felt brand new to me, or at least, much more significant. What a great blog to teach about new levels of appreciation for the Knowledge.

  3. Using the term fabric of space for the Akasha is the best description for me. I love how you described the akasha expanding from our deep awakenings in to our primary environments and then the world around us.

  4. This is exactly what happened in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I have been there several times..I have sat on a porch there several times and I have stared out on to the beautiful scenery several times. This time was different.This time was deeper..much deeper. I only imagine…
    Thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge

  5. Like meditation, reflecting on the words of Michael Mamas is a culturing process. Through these words, I feel the pure structure of consciousness manifesting in the physical.

  6. Many lovely comments here. Katrina, your experience sounds wonderful. Do come to Mt Soma as often as possible. Being only a short distance away makes that not so hard to do. It is always good to see you here.

  7. I appreciate hearing about this experience. I find it helpful, beautiful, and fascinating. I’m fascinated by how the akasha and group consciousness go hand-in-hand. I’d love to explore this further.

  8. This is a wonderful blog. Evolution and growth are a miraculous, yet very natural experience. Thank you.

  9. so beautiful…so rich…
    living at Mount Soma has given me the experience of feeling the difference in the akash there vs the akash in town ( actually you can feel the difference as soon as you drive out of Mount Soma’s gates). I don’t know how to even describe it, there’s just a wholeness in the environment that nurtures and supports my being. My physiology craves it when I’m not there…

  10. Beautiful, you are brilliant at giving words to experiences that are so subtle and deep.

    Thank you for introducing me to ever deeper and deeper levels of experience and making this available to people. It really gives such richness and depth to life.

  11. Beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

  12. So very beautiful. The way you wrote of the Akasha here made it alive for me.

  13. I think this is one of my favorite blogs. It is my experience with life in a way, I am always amazed by what changes as I continue to meditate and do to attune to life’s experiences in a new way. Your way of expressing these experiences is so helpful. Thank you

  14. Very beautiful and the picture with the blog was so great.

  15. Living at Mount Soma has certainly increased my awareness of the Akasha. So too has attending ceremonies at the temple. It is amazing to feel how refining one’s physiology really does increase one’s sensitivity to those subtle levels, including the akasha. Sometimes evolution just feels like a magical adventure.

  16. I love the akasha so much. Thanks for awakening it in me and explaining how everything is all right there and always has been, readily available for us to partake in once we are just willing to really pay attention, to experience things in a whole new way. It’s thrilling.

  17. Thank you for elaborating on the original explanation on the fabric of space. You really do provide a significant and new understanding of Akasha.

  18. ahhh…