The Fabric of Space

heartYour world is like a space constructed of fabric. Your behavior affects that fabric and everything that happens within that space. All too often, people relate to others based upon there own inner world with no regard for how they are affecting the space itself.

To really understand how you impact other people, you need to understand how you are impacting that fabric.  Are you tugging at it?  Are you twisting or trying to tear it? Are you being overly attentive and paranoid about it? Or do you have a good, healthy, broad-minded understanding of the dynamic at play in the environment as a whole.

There is a lot of freedom here. You can play with the whole thing in a manner that is consistent with your own nature. It’s merely a matter of simultaneously being respectful of the environment and the people within it.

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  1. This is really interesting. I have never seen these ideas expressed this way. Thought provoking.

    I think about space as a more subtle level of context. For me, context is often more of a cultural backdrop. When my behavior is in harmony with the context then generally, the feedback I get from my environment is more harmonious and pleasing. But space is even more expanded than context. I think of it as “openness”, closer to the transcendent, even more powerful.

    To be in harmony with the fabric of space is wonderful. Thank you

  2. This perspective is incredibly insightful and helpful in understanding relationship.
    Thank you

  3. This makes me think of my favorite science of Vastu and how Space is real, lively and packed full of Energy-the “stuff” from which all manifestion is birthed. Very good awareness to pay attention to Space-it can take you to someplace very deep within and totally prominent without-no difference.

  4. Space with texture. I like it!

  5. This Michael Mamas blog brings such great awareness. I agree with Gail: this is really an interesting concept. I agree with Naomi: this perspective is really helpful in exploring relationships and relationship with others in general. Great blog.

  6. I agree with Naomi; this is invaluable information to any and all relationship. The metaphor of the fabric is touchingly eloquent, and although I’ve heard this metaphor many times from you, this time it brings me to yet another layer/level of humility and respect. Fascinating how that works!

  7. This is a nice article. Thought provoking. I’d like to hear more on this so I can start to understand it better. Thanks.

  8. I’ve always been fascinated by science…since grade school. When Dr Mamas speaks of such things, it sparks that fascination in a whole new way.

  9. I can actually visualize how I hold myself through the illustrations of fabric, a more tangible way to ponder on my behaviors… Great blog. Thank you!

  10. This is a beautiful image. I can actually feel how I stretch and possibly tear the fabric of life.

  11. Like so many of Michael Mamas blogs, this one gives new insights into how everything functions. Like Rayshan said- a more tangible way to ponder one’s behaviors. Beautiful.

  12. Your blogs feed my entire being…thank you Michael Mamas!

  13. I have been reflecting on this and experimenting with this since I read it. Fascinating. Thank you.

  14. Such a fascinating angle from which to perceive space. I’m going to chew on this one, and watch what I do with space.

  15. For me the challenge is that often times I do not understand how I’m impacting the fabric. In the absence of feeling the fabric I then act on assumptions. The result: I’m not only messing up the fabric, but am untrue to my own nature at the same time. I shut down completely and am losing my basic instincts. Not knowing which reality to follow can be very disturbing.

  16. Somehow his brought me to silence and the manifestation of sound.