“The Gods: Who and What they Are… An Explanation to Satisfy the Modern Rational Mind”

sunI am opposed to faith.  I do not just have faith that 2+2=4.  I know it.  Without knowledge, notions have no firm foundation.  We are fortunate to live in a time when, if we just take a step back and think for a minute, we can assimilate what humanity has learned in a manner that reveals the deepest mysteries of life and existence.  Our spiritual and rational sides can then come together as a unified whole.  The kite that is our soul is stabilized by the tail of our mind.  We attain real knowledge.

It is humbling that for so many generations, people have adhered to deep inner convictions without a clear rational understanding of their basis.  Humanity’s shift to a rational orientation has put spirituality into question.  Spirituality made no sense.  As a result, many adults as well as the younger generation have rejected it.  At first glance, this seems most unfortunate.  However, it carries with it a great boon: the demand to make sense of spirituality.  Fortunately, we live in a time when science is able to do that… if once again, we just are willing to take a step back and think.  What follows is a brief overview of that knowledge.  Of course, any overview of such a profound topic will trigger many unanswered questions and confusions.  Unaddressed or misunderstood, those things could, if you are not careful, cause you to reject the overview.  So I only ask that your doubts and questions be expressed with the same level of humility and sincerity with which this overview is offered.

Einstein said that all existence is born of one and only one thing… The Unified Field.  Many modern physicists believe that field is nothing other than pure Consciousness, out of which all else is born.  Before existence, Consciousness could only be conscious of itself… there was nothing else.  When Consciousness became conscious of itself, it viewed itself as ‘other’.  In that moment, duality was born.  Consciousness aware of those two things, birthed a third thing, and so on, to infinity.  In other words, Consciousness interacted with itself over and over again to create what modern science refers to as the quantum mechanical realm… the fabric out of which all things emerge.  It is geometrically precise and structured…like a crystal or snowflakes.  Many superimposed patterns can be seen in the structure of a snowflake.  The Vedic term for each of those structures within the quantum mechanical realm is ‘Yantra’.

Now, who are you?  You are made of electrons, protons, molecules, cells, tissues, etc.  However, YOU are a personified being.  That is what you relate to.  That is the ‘who’ of who you are.  Similarly, those Yantras have a personified correlate.  That is ‘who’ they are.  At the same time, on the Unified Field level, they are all the same one thing.   Now, simply substitute the personified word “God” for the inanimate phrase “Unified Field” and you’ve got the essence… the overview.  In other words, each Yantra is another face of the one God.

This is just an overview, an introduction.  Where it leads is beyond imagination.  But you must be willing to take it step by step and not get frustrated or confrontational when things come up that you at first do not understand.  I invite you to move forward, past this very brief first step.  Rest assured, at no step along the way will I ask you to have faith.  It has to make sense.  I want you to understand.

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  1. Makes beautiful sense…poetic feeling.

    Thank you!

  2. Objective rational verification that your soul is in fact a ‘kite’… Meet my friend, Frank Chester and experience a journey of a lifetime. This documentary of his discovery of the geometry of the human heart is both revolutionary and transformational. Watch through to the end, that’s where the real fireworks start where he discloses his latest findings. Enjoy the show… Look for the kites, bells, and turning your ‘socks’ inside out… There are plenty of connections with Maharishi Vedic teachings… Like meeting an old friend from our times in Ancient Greece…. 😉
    A 21st Century Mystery School… Which looks forward and moves forwards… Always forwards…

    Frank Chester – The Chestahedron – The Wonder of Seven

  3. In the moment..as I am reading..it feels like “Mountains are moving” That is my best comment:)
    Thank you Maharshiji..I am already looking forward to discussions with clients with this one.

  4. Steven,
    Frank could have something worthwhile here… or then again maybe not. I do not know. I started watching the video and found it to be tedious. I think there is an important point to be made here. Like the Veda which starts with A-A-A-A, the essence contained in seed form with ever expanding commentaries on that essence… that is an effective way of communicating and sharing knowledge. Give the knowledge, the overview, in seed form. Then expand upon it. Without that, the listener can lose interest, not have a sense of where things are going, and stop listening/viewing as I did. Interestingly enough, that is why I wrote this blog… to give the essence of the nature of life and existence in seed form. Without proper context, one is left wandering around in circles wondering if there is a point to be made anywhere in the future. I certainly do not intend any disrespect to Frank. In fact, i think it would be disrespectful to not share my thoughts. He could be brilliant. I do not know. Perhaps someone else listened to and liked his presentation. If so, and they would like to explain it in seed form, I would love to see it posted here as a comment. I think it is also important to note that I receive many articles and links that I find to be tediously done, so I have become a bit of a skeptic when things feel to me to be going in that direction.

  5. Hi Steven, I find quite interesting that you wrote about Frank Chester. I was recently introduced to his work. After viewing several videos, I wondered if Brahmarshi knew of him but felt to awkward to ask.

  6. What an elegant universe! And how fortunate that we are born as human beings and have evolved into the ‘image of God.’ We can interact with and understand the Yantras that are gods that are structures of consciousness. Without Maharshi’s guidance, we would miss it all and not know the real grandeur of our being. The perfection of it all is awe-inspiring and humbling.

  7. I am apparently procrastinating from what I need to be doing, so I watched snippets of the clip throughout (30 minutes total). I guess he is inspired by geometry to gain creative insights, in this case, into heart disease. He draws parallels and relationships – or maybe what we would call mappings?, I am not sure – between the 3D forms he creates, the elements (fire, water, air, etc.), archetypes, and bodily organs. He explores how the movement of shapes relates to the movement of healthy and diseased organs.

    As far as I can tell, what he thinks is the potential application of this work is not mentioned until the last minute before the presentation stops (1 hour, 9 minutes on the clip):

    Based on knowledge of minimal surface area and how geometric shapes transform into one another, doctors may be able to do early detection of heart failure and prevent heart disease from worsening, by examining the progression of shapes the heart goes through in a person with congestive heart disease. He also makes hypotheses regarding the psychological functioning of a person with that disease and suggests how the person might change in order to help heal the heart, all based on the geometric shapes that parallel the shape of the diseased heart as the condition progresses.

    I am not especially interested in heart disease, myself, but I do think mapping and creative thinking are interesting.