The Holy Trinity

1. Consciousness becomes aware of itself and duality (relativity, manifest existence) is born.

2. In Christianity this is called the Father (Knower), the Son (the Known), and the Holy Spirit (process of Knowing). The Father is pure Consciousness, the Son is what Consciousness sees when it looks at itself and perceives it as other, and the Holy Spirit is a facet of the personified quality of God. As with all of us, the personality has many facets. As has been said, “God has many faces.”

3. In the Vedic tradition:
The Father = Rishi = Knower = pure Consciousness
The Son = Chandas = the Known = the object of perception
The Holy Spirit = Devata = process of Knowing = the relationship between Consciousness and the object it perceives, i.e., the process by which Consciousness becomes conscious of itself

the Knower the Known the process of Knowing
Rishi Chandas Devata
Father Son Holy Spirit

4. This is not only the manifestation of the process from Oneness to multiplicity, but also exists in the relationship between all things.

5. Right now, you are the Knower, the points listed here are the Known, and your relationship with these points is the process of Knowing.

6. There are many different ways you can look at the same thing: different processes of Knowing, Devata values.

7. Your relationship with the Devata value determines what you believe the Known (Chandas) to be.

8. Each of the three (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) affects (colors) the nature of the other two.

9. Reality is perspective.

10. There is no bottom line or, if you prefer, the bottom line is no-thing-ness, pure Is-ness, the field of pure Consciousness.

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  1. Being raised a Christian, I found both truth and gaps within Christianity. I enjoy how Vedic knowledge provides deeper insight and clarity into Christian theology, as well as into Christ’s teachings, and the story of his life… Fun. Thank you!